developing managed applications using the office 2010 developer platform l.
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Developing Managed Applications Using the Office 2010 Developer Platform PowerPoint Presentation
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Developing Managed Applications Using the Office 2010 Developer Platform

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Developing Managed Applications Using the Office 2010 Developer Platform - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PR04. Developing Managed Applications Using the Office 2010 Developer Platform. John R. Durant Senior Product Manager Microsoft Corporation. Session Objectives And Takeaways. Session Objective(s)

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developing managed applications using the office 2010 developer platform

Developing Managed Applications Using the Office 2010 Developer Platform

John R. Durant

Senior Product Manager

Microsoft Corporation

session objectives and takeaways
Session Objectives And Takeaways
  • Session Objective(s)
    • Learn how to use managed code and Open XML to build productivity solutions with Office & SharePoint
  • Key Takeaways
    • Office is stable footing with investments in:
      • Server & Services Connectivity
      • Data-oriented development
      • Client Extensibility
      • Application Design
office 2010 for developers
Office 2010 for Developers
  • Server and Services connectivity
  • Line of business connectivity with BCS
  • Web Services & Standards-based interoperability
  • Integrate with hosted and on-premises SharePoint solutions
  • Evolved developer platform with new services and extensibility
  • Connected cloud and on-premises services to a common Office PC, phone and browser user experience
  • Developer tools for all skill-levels, from Access to VBA and Visual Studio
  • Data-oriented development
  • Open XML SDK
  • Word, Excel, Access, Project, Visio, InfoPath Services
  • Built on SharePoint Platform Services
  • Improved Office Development Experience
  • Fluent UI & Backstage Programmability
  • Easier management with Visual Studio 2010 & .NET 4.0
  • Application Compatibility Program
  • Development tools for everyone
  • Simplified InfoPath design
  • Access applications published to Web
  • Access application usability/design improvements
  • Continued commitment to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
business connectivity services
Business Connectivity Services
  • Allows easy surfacing of external data into SharePoint list and Office client
    • On-line/Off-line aware
    • Read/Write data operations
  • Out-of-box connectivity to:
    • Word
    • Outlook
    • SharePoint Workspace
    • InfoPath
  • Customizable to work with other Office clients
  • Tooling in SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio 2010
business connectivity services7
Business Connectivity Services

Enhance SharePoint platform capabilities with out-of-box features, services and tools that streamline development of solutions with deep integration of External Data and Services.

expanding on the server
Expanding on the Server
  • Multi-user co-authoring
  • Access Services
  • Word Services
  • Excel Services
  • InfoPath Services
  • Project Services
  • Visio Services
access services
Access Services
  • Publish the application to SharePoint on premise or hosted
  • Throttled to allow logic to run in a hosted environment
    • Scalable
    • Secure (No signatures required)
word services
Word Services
  • File | Save As on the server
    • Can read and write any format that desktop Word can read and write
  • Enables 100% fidelity server-side rendering
  • It is Word, so the output is the same – right down to the last pixel
  • API for server-side automation
  • High-volume doc generation, conversion
excel services
Excel Services
  • New JavaScript Object Model
    • Capture user events
    • Ability to drive the UI
  • New REST API
    • Enables embedding of ranges and charts contained in a workbook on a web page
    • Changes in underlying workbook are automatically reflected when web page is (re-) loaded
  • Updated Web Services API
    • Adds support for edit mode, setting formulas
    • Ability to get charts
infopath and forms services
InfoPath and Forms Services
  • Create Forms for SharePoint Lists
  • Build modular, extensible, and portable SharePoint applications
  • More powerful Web browser forms
  • Connect forms with line-of-business information
  • Create forms with or without code
  • Backstage view
  • Ribbon enhancements
  • Application programmability refinements
  • Application compatibility program
backstage view
Backstage View
  • Shows you everything Office knows about your document
  • Shows you everything you can do with your document
  • Programmable like the Ribbon
ribbon customization
Ribbon Customization
  • Add/Remove/Move Tabs
  • Add/Remove/Move Groups
  • Create custom groups with built-in or custom commands
  • “High-Density Layout” for custom groups
  • Save and load customizations from a file
programmability refinements
Programmability Refinements
  • Outlook
    • OM consolidation continues
    • Navigation pane
  • PowerPoint
    • Media API
  • Excel
    • Sparklines
    • Slicers
    • Improved performance and scale (x64, multi-core)
    • New XLL SDK release
    • Asynchronous UDFs
    • Integration with High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters
  • OneNote
    • Enhanced import routine
office 2010 application compatibility services tools and guidance for office 2010 migration
Office 2010 Application CompatibilityServices, tools and guidance for Office 2010 migration
  • Tools
    • Visual Studio Code scanner, (VBA) Macro scanner, Office desktop add-in scanner, Office Migration Planning Manager updated
  • Guidance
    • Office deployment and migration guidance
    • Application Compatibility Analysis and Remediation Guide
    • Included in ORK and 2010 MDT
  • Programs
    • Office 2010 ISV Application Compatibility Visibility Program
    • DDPS Partner Services includes Office 2010Compatibility Competency
    • MCS – Deployment Optimization of Windows and Office (DOWO)
office 2010 solution design
Office 2010 Solution Design
  • Access application usability/design improvements
  • Access applications published to Web
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Open XML SDK
  • Simplified InfoPath design
  • Continued commitment to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
visual studio 2010
Visual Studio 2010
  • All 2007 supported scenarios persist forward to 2010
  • Improved C# experience
  • Improved deployment support in Office 2010 with Visual Studio 2010
    • Package and deploy multiple add-ins
  • Platform solution building with SharePoint & Office
  • Fewer pre-reqsto install:
    • No need to deploy VSTOR for Office 2010 solutions
    • PIAs not required for .NET 4.0 solutions
    • Choose a target .NET Framework your users are most likely to have - 3.5 Full/Client or 4.0 Full/Client
open xml sdk
  • Allows you to create and modify Open XML documents
    • SDK currently supports Office 2007 SP2 Open XML files
  • Based on .NET (C# and VB)
    • Compatible with LINQ
  • Provides a unified platform for solutions
    • Consistent client and server solutions
  • This SDK does NOT
    • Replace Office application Object Models
    • Perform layout + recalculation tasks
    • Perform file conversions to other formats, like PDF or XPS
  • The SDK will be released in two versions
    • Version 1: Part level manipulation
    • Version 2: Content level manipulation
open xml sdk tools
Open XML SDK Tools
  • SDK provides the following tools
    • Open XML Diff
    • Class Explorer
    • Document Reflector
  • Open XML Diff
    • Compare differences in two Open XML files
  • Class Explorer
    • Allows developers to navigate Open XML standard as it relates to the SDK
  • Document Reflector
    • Automatically generates Open XML SDK code based on document
  • Solutions Incorporate:
    • Server & Services Connectivity
    • Data-oriented development
    • Client Extensibility
    • Application Design
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  • Blogs
    • John Durant’s blog:
    • Gray Knowlton’s blog

    • Brian Jones’ blog:
  • Office Developer Guild
  • MSDN


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