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Service Provider Company (Jarash)

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Service Provider Company ( Team # 2 Leader Sadam Kherisat Management Members Cherid Leila Idriss Ismael Ehhsan Hlaleh Service Provider Company ( SPC is a service provider company provides the following service : Mobile service

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service provider company jarash com
Service Provider Company (

Team # 2


Sadam Kherisat

Management Members

Cherid Leila Idriss Ismael Ehhsan Hlaleh

service provider company jarash com2
Service Provider Company (
  • SPC is a service provider company provides the following service:
  • Mobile service
  • Internet Services + Infrastructure
  • Fixed Services
  • SPC is the second major service provide in the country
  • SPC Market Share like the following
  • Mobile service 30%
  • Internet Services + Infrastructure 40%
  • Fixed Services (Voice + Data) 35%
service provider company jarash com3
Service Provider Company (
  • Fixed Services
  • Voice
  • Data – Dial up + ADSL+FR
  • Internet Service
  • Internet Access
  • Web hosting
  • VPN service
  • Email Service
  • Mobile Service
  • GSM
  • GPRS
service provider company jarash com4
Service Provider Company (

SPC Client

Home Users

Mobile Users

Corporate business

service provider company jarash com5
Service Provider Company (
  • NGN Drivers
  • Fixed Service
  • limited bandwidth
  • High OPEX
  • High Risk
  • Not That good revenue
  • Internet Service
  • More Demand ( growing market)
  • New Application and New Services
  • Revenue is increasing
  • Mobile Service
  • Customers love mobile
  • Future of telecom
  • 3G and more
service provider company jarash com6
Service Provider Company (

NGN New services

Bandwidth on demand

Target: Large business and Home users with demand

Customer will be convinced by: QoS and competitive price

Triple play

Target: End Users!

Customer will be convinced by: QoS and competitive price

Multimedia Conferencing

Target: Educational sector schools and universities (new market), government and large business

Customer will be convinced by: Demo Project, Charity and contribute to community

migration steps
  • Keep the current old PSTN, Data and Mobile network; this network will be the core part of service continuity
  • Starting building the new NGN network with fiber optic installation and building DWDM network.
  • Building the core network (IP based network with MPLS technology)
  • Configure the new network for new services, application and software will be installed
  • Testing and commissioning of the new network
migration steps10
  • Start building the access network, this step will depend on the type and a mount of customer interested in the new services
  • Configure the new access network to meet the customer needs
  • Testing and commissioning of the new access network
  • Old access network will be retired when the new network is ready
  • The old core network will still function until the time these network is obsolete and this will depend on the number of customers that are moving to the new network
  • Financing
  • Current capital is not enough for NGN move
  • We need :Increase the capital through loans and new investors
  • Regulation
  • Mobile license
  • ISP license
  • Fixed license
  • We need :Obtain triple play license
  • Agreements
  • We need Agreement with smaller ISP for infrastructure rental
  • We need Content delivery agreement
  • We need New agreement with smaller ISP based on NGN
  • We need Educational agreements
  • Training and hiring new recourses
  • Not enough number of qualified people in IP technology
  • We need :Training our current staff and hiring qualified people
  • Marketing
  • We need New marketing plans for new service ( promotion for the new service and find new markets )
  • Service continuity
  • We need : Keep the service life and running up during transition
  • Sales
  • We need:New sales plan for NGN include new packaging and new offers
  • Customer support
  • Legacy service customer support (on phone help desk, customers complains office)
  • New NGN customer support include on-line trouble ticketing portal, also a developed help desk)
  • QA
  • QA for current service (legacy service)
  • New QA measures includes customers satisfaction with new service
  • R&D
  • No such a department
  • Develop new application and service
time frame
Time Frame
  • The project will be implemented during 5 years.
  • The time frame will start after resolving the financial issue
  • A Market survey will determine the implementation of the project
  • Risks include technology advances, customers’ requirements variation, hiring of qualified staff