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Study Abroad Program

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Study Abroad Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Study Abroad Program. Cuernavaca Mexico Universidad Internacional. Spring and Fall semester Summer session. Cuernavaca – Mexico program. Acapulco. Palacio de Cort és. Cuernavaca - Mexico Program. City of Eternal Spring Extremely rich in Culture Very safe place to study

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Study Abroad Program

Cuernavaca Mexico

Universidad Internacional

Spring and Fall semester

Summer session


Cuernavaca – Mexico program


Palacio de Cortés


Cuernavaca - Mexico Program

  • City of Eternal Spring
  • Extremely rich in Culture
  • Very safe place to study
  • World capital of learning Spanish

• 50 miles south of Mexico City

• Near perfect environment

• Students from all over the world


Universidad Internacional

The Campus in Cuernavaca



The Brockport Cuernavaca Program is an intensive immersion program in Spanish language and Latin American studies. The language component is designed for students at beginning to advanced levels of proficiency with best results usually achieved at the intermediate level. The emphasis is on individual attention to conversational fluency. Latin American Studies topics are incorporated into the language program both as separate courses in the curriculum and as topics integrated into conversation classes. The courses contribute to language progress by developing listening skills and vocabulary expansion.



Palacio Nacional Mexico City

Teotihuacan Pyramids


Semester Program

  • Spanish & Latin American Intensive Programs
    • Duration of 12 weeks in class & 1 week of vacation
    • Complete 30 – 38 hours of Spanish Classes per week
      • * 15 hours of Spanish instruction in small groups
      • * 15 hours of lecture & cultural courses
      • * 8 hours of optional programs
    • Classes through The Center for Bilingual Multicultural Studies

Living with a host family:

  • • experience the tastes
  • • experience the lifestyle
  • Practice your spanish
  • Live the tradition and the culture

SPN 111 Beginning Spanish I

SPN 112 Beginning Spanish II

SPN 211 Intermediate Spanish I

SPN 212 Intermediate Spanish II

SPN 350 Communication in Spanish

SPN 351 Advanced Communication in


SPN 354 Literature and Cultures of Spanish


SPN 450 Topics in Hispanic Literature and


SPN 458 Contemporary Spanish

American Writers

SPN 460 Spanish Phonology

SPN 461 Advanced Spanish Grammar

Courses Offered:


Courses Offered:

History of Mexico

Introduction of Literature

Mexico Today

Latin American Studies

Spanish Civilization

Spanish American Civilization

Business Spanish

Spanish American Literature I

Spanish American Literature II

Spanish American Short Story

Mexican Literature

Chicano Literature

Latin American Civilization and Culture

Psychology of the Mexican People

The Mexican Political System

History of Religion in Mexico

Introduction to Mexican Art

U.S. – Latin American Relations

Educational Aspects in Mexico

Latin American Studies:



CAPOEIRA and other extracurricular activities


Internship Opportunities:

  • Medical Personnel
  • Social Work
  • Business & Economics
  • Education
  • Hotel & Restaurant Management
  • Mexican Criminal Justice System
  • Political Science

Optional Activities:

  • Some of the optional activities available:
  • * Dancing and Salsa classes
  • * Discussion Tables
  • * Artesanía (Arts and Crafts)
  • * Intensive Interactive Language
  • * Mexican cooking classes
  • * Sports
  • * Amigo Program

For specific information regarding dates and

costs, please contact:

Office of International Education

SUNY College at Brockport

Morgan III, 350 New Campus Drive

Brockport, N.Y 14420

Phone (585) 395-2119 or toll-free (800) 298-7869

Fax (585) 637-3218