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artem levin muay thai champion l.
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Artem Levin Muay Thai Champion PowerPoint Presentation
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Artem Levin Muay Thai Champion

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Artem Levin Muay Thai Champion
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Artem Levin Muay Thai Champion

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  1. Artem LevinMuay Thai Champion Artem “The Lion” Levin is a professional Russian Super middleweight Muay Thai kickboxer and martial artist fighting out of Prokopyevsk, Russia. He is a current WMC Intercontinental and EMF European Muay Thai champion. Titles Professional 2008 The Contender Asia Season 2 Russian qualifying tournament champion 2008 Battle of Champions tournament champion 2007 WMC Intercontinental title at 76 kg 2007 WMC EMF European title at 76 kg Amateur 2010 IFMA European Amateur Muaythai champion  (75 kg) 2009 IFMA European Amateur Muaythai champion  (75 kg) 2008 Busan TAFISA World Games IFMA Amateur Muaythai champion (75 kg) 2007 IFMA Amateur Muaythai World champion 2006 IFMA Amateur Muaythai World champion (75 kg) 2006 WMF Amateur Muaythai World champion (75 kg) 2005 WMF Amateur Muaythai World champion (67 kg) 2003-2010 IFMA Champion of Russia WikiPage

  2. Fight records Pro fights: 40, 37 Wins (28(T) KO's, 9 decisions), 3 Losses Amateur fight: with no records Boxing records: 1 Win (1 (T) KO's, 0 decisions), 0 Losses The latest bouts: 2010-07-29 (pro) vs Artem Vakhitov (Russia) at TatNeftArena World Cup semifinal (Kazan, Russia) – win by TKO3. 2010-05-30 (amateur) vs Neils Larsen (Denmark) at IFMA European final (Velletri, Italy) – won by KO1 Highlights video YouTube channel

  3. Targets Winning at World Combat Games as Russia’s honorable representation. Scheduled from 28 August to 4 September 2010, the competition will showcase 13 Martial Arts and Combat sports, both Olympic and non-Olympic. The event will also include a Cultural Program that will reflect the social and cultural values of these sports and Combat Games as a whole.The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has granted its patronage to the 2010 SportAccord Combat Games. Achieving TatNeftArena World Cup champion title. Reconfirming the title of the world champion at IFMA World championship in Bangkok during November 27 – December 5. Teaching master classes. Arranging, equiping and starting personal training gym. Turning in a good performance atItsShowtime and K-1 tournaments. Maintaining overall world champion title in muay thai.

  4. Publications - The WMC, IFMA and FAMA have made an agreement with China's Wulfing TV to promote events on a weekly basis all over China. Live coverage of the Combat Games 2010 will be provided by the host broadcasters CCTV and by Beijing TV, also reports will be available on RUSSIA2 daily. Additionally, sports fans worldwide can follow their favourite sports and champions online on the SportAccord Sports Hub on YouTube. - Televersion of the TatNeftArena World Cup is broadcacting on Eurosport channel.Its’ broadcasting covers 54 countries, its’ audience numbers 240 million spectators. Programms are in 19 languages, including Russian. Also the televersion is available on local TV channel Tatarstan – New Century. - ТРК27 Local tv news includes reports about the champion’s achievments regularly. As well there are several mediaprojects with featuring Artem.