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Mpeg-4 Overview

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Mpeg-4 Overview. Gerhard Roth. Overview. Much more general than all previous mpegs standard finished in the last two years standardized ways to support: coding representing units of audio, visual, audiovisual content composition

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mpeg 4 overview

Mpeg-4 Overview

Gerhard Roth

  • Much more general than all previous mpegs
    • standard finished in the last two years
  • standardized ways to support:
    • coding
      • representing units of audio, visual, audiovisual content
    • composition
      • describing how these objects are composed together to produce compound media objects
    • multiplex
      • multiplex and synchronize data associated with media objects
    • interaction
      • interacting with user
system overview
System overview
  • a number of decoders for each type of media
  • a composition process which puts the decoded parts together
  • composition ideas are similar to VRML
    • scene graph of objects
    • composition information is defined in the links
    • hierarchical structure, not necessarily static
    • composition stream has extra information for mp4
      • spatial relationships
      • temporal relationships
multiplex synchronization
Multiplex synchronization
  • timing and synchronization of media
  • three layers
    • specific information for timing and synchronization of the coded media (synchronization layer)
    • multiplex streams with different characteristics (flexible multiplex layer)
    • add the multiplex stream to a particular network (transport multiplex layer)
intellectual property protection
Intellectual property protection
  • ipmp = intellectual property management and protection
  • interface that permits mp4 to host one or more ipmp systems
  • ipmp framework has
    • normative interface that permits mpeg-4 terminal to host one or more IPMP systems
    • non normative component that provides intellectual property management
  • Tools for efficient compression of
      • images, video, 2d textures
      • time varying geometry (animated meshes)
      • efficient random access
      • extended manipulation functionality
      • content based coding and scalability
      • error robustness and resilience
  • based on video object
    • entity in scene that user can manipulate and access
  • video object planes
    • instances of video objects at a given time
media integration of text and graphics
Media integration of text and graphics
  • 3d graphics
    • like VRML including script nodes
  • face animation
    • face definition parameters (FDPs)
    • face animation parameters (FAPs)
  • 2d mesh encoding
    • dynamic mesh, a temporal sequence of 2d triangular meshes
  • texture coding via wavelets
face definition parameters
Face definition parameters
  • a number of feature points on a neutral face
face animation parameters
Face animation parameters
  • a number of face
  • animation points
2d mesh decoding
2d mesh decoding
  • mesh vertices points can move in 2d
2d mesh augmentation of fish
2d mesh augmentation of fish
  • the letters are synthetically overlaid on the video object and move in synchronization with it
  • a superset of old VRML and Mpeg-1 and Mpeg-2
  • very general, many concepts
    • can mix and match many different compression algorithms for different objects
    • handles everything (audio, video, 2d-3d, faces, mesh…)
    • is a first attempt at integrating 2d and 3d worlds
  • DivX is a software application that uses the MPEG-4 standard to compress digital video
  • DivX is done with the open source community
    • much better compression than ordinary DVDs