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owl. The animal I researched was the o wl. Owls are birds. They live in the woodlands of new york state. Physical attributes.

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  1. owl The animal I researched was the owl. Owls are birds.They live in the woodlands of new york state

  2. Physical attributes Owls have unique features owl have round heads and flat faces. they grow between 6 to 24 inches. The color of their feathers are usually either black, white, gray or brown.

  3. habitat and shelter Owl almost live every where. They like to make nests in trees. their nest are made of sticks and leaves.

  4. Diet and Predators Owls like to eat many things. They like to eat slippery slimy frogs. Also they eat small mice and insects. They eat other small animals too. Owls don’t have many predators. Their predators are eagles and wildcats. Owls only have 2 predators

  5. Interesting facts Owls live up to 25 to 30 years that’s a lot. Female owls are bigger than the male owls. They lay one to 12 eggs. Some owls swallow their food whole. They also find their food in the middle of the night. This means they are nocturnal.

  6. conclusion In conclusion owls are amazing animals. Even though they are nocturnal you have a slight chance of seeing one. So keep your eyes peeled. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to see one but you have to be very quiet. So good luck finding one. Make sure you take a picture to remember.

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