A night to remember
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A Night to Remember. J. Bruce Ismay - White Star Director and survivor. A Night to Remember. Captain E. J. Smith. A Night to Remember. Thomas Andrews- Designer of the Titanic (He told Captain Smith how long it would take the sink). A Night to Remember.

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A night to remember
A Night to Remember

J. Bruce Ismay- White Star Director and survivor

A night to remember1
A Night to Remember

Captain E. J. Smith

A night to remember2
A Night to Remember

Thomas Andrews- Designer of the Titanic (He told Captain Smith how long it would take the sink)

A night to remember3
A Night to Remember

Frederick Fleet- Crows Nest Lookout- He reported the iceberg (there were no binoculars- they had gone missing)

A night to remember4
A Night to Remember

Harold Bride-Junior Wireless Operator and survivor- (22 yrs. old)- stayed at his post until the lights were almost completely out.

A night to remember5
A Night to Remember

Charles Herbert Lightoller- the most senior officer to survive the Titanic

A night to remember6
A Night to Remember

Important Passengers

Margaret “Molly” Brown, Denver Socialite

John Jacob Astor, New York real estate tycoon and wealthiest man aboard

Bejamin Guggenheim-Went down “dressed ‘in his best”

A night to remember7
A Night to Remember

Colonel Archibald Butt- Military aide to President Taft

Lorraine Allison Only first class child to perish

W.T. Stead- Editor and world famous psychic

A night to remember8
A Night to Remember


Chapter 1

  • On what night of her voyage did Titanic hit the iceberg? At what time and date?

  • Describe the weather conditions.

  • Where was the Titanic built?

  • What ship was in sight of the Titanic?

A night to remember9
A Night to Remember

Chapter 2

  • Besides the boiler rooms, what was one of the first areas to flood and what did the crew have to do about it?

  • On page 21, Andrews explains to the captain why the Titanic will sink. Explain.

A night to remember10
A Night to Remember

Chapter 3

  • Look over questions from Chapter 3!

    Chapter 4

  • Describe the scene at the lifeboats as they were being loaded. List at least three problems the crew had.

  • What was unusual about the staff of the a la carte restaurant aboard the Titanic?

  • What did the Californian notice about the Titanic?

A night to remember11
A Night to Remember

Chapter 5

  • What was the problem Philips had with contacting other ships?

    2. Who was Navratril? (end of chapter 5)

    3. Study the timeline. (Found on http://www.titanicstory.com/timeline.htm)