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Government Solutions

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Government Solutions

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  1. Government Solutions Brent Kubik, Security MicroImaging Terri Jones, Hyland Software Government Team

  2. Government Solutions • Trends • Answering the Trends • OnBase Impacts • Q and A

  3. Trends Trends More with Less Citizen Engagement and Transparency Self-Service

  4. More with Less LESS STAFF Less expertise More work MANUAL PROCESSES

  5. Citizen Engagement and Transparency Constituents pass us by CONSTITUENTS PASS US BY Give us transparency, and do the old pile of work, with less staff Twitter and Facebook for government

  6. Self-Service less with less 24/7 RAISING EXPECTATIONS without an end-to-end solution

  7. Answering the Trends

  8. Cut costs by cutting/eliminating the paper ELIMINATE LOW VALUE TASKS Reduce complexity and standardize WORKFLOW, FOCUS STAFF TIME Don’t wait to embrace the single repository HORIZONTAL Compliance tools More with Less

  9. Citizen Engagement and Transparency EMBRACE THE NEW CONSTITUENT Make it automatic

  10. Self-Service RAMP UP THE WEBSITE Less can be more Self-service stations to capture data and documents, search Leverage digital documents for revenue

  11. ECM and OnBase Impacts

  12. Take A Picture Paper Postage Storage New files and file cabinets Cost to process Time to process Filing time Retrieval time Counter wait time Number of inspections Staff time for public records request Gas and courier costs Printing costs Staff time reallocated Safety Custom services

  13. MOSTpaper HOW AND WHERE ? Human Resources, AP, Finance and Tax Human Services, Law Enforcement • KEY STORIES • State of South Carolina • City of Stockton PD • Genesee County, NY • Maricopa County, AZ Superior Court IMPACT Paper flow completely eliminated with electronic workflows 12 cases of paper to 3, saved paper costs paid for OnBase Eliminated the storage of 50,000 documents/year Capture 45,000 documents per day into OnBase

  14. KEY STORIES • State of RI – Office of Child Support Enforcement • Broward County Sheriff’s Office • HOW AND WHERE ? Legal Human Services Records Management IMPACT Centralized storage eliminates file search time Within 12 months, files delivered 60x faster Maintained workload with 40% less staff BIGGESTcutbacks

  15. KEY STORIES • State of South Carolina • Cobb County, GA • HOW AND WHERE ? AP Processes, HR Processes Sheriff, Medical Examiner and DA, Community Development ,Mobile technologies IMPACT Moved from 6 systems to support to one Single records system eliminate duplicates Share information in single, secure repository HORIZONTALimpact Back

  16. HOW AND WHERE ? Public records requests, Web-based access/search, Agenda management • KEY STORIES • City of Westlake, OH TRANSPARENCY Open government Public records IMPACT Reduced time to meet requests Increased transparency through self-service and web-based access

  17. HOW AND WHERE ? High volume processes, eliminate creation of paper, agenda management • KEY STORIES • State of PA Treasury • State of South Carolina • Allegheny County Register of Wills • Colorado Housing and Finance Authority • Coconino County, AZ IMPACT $12m in savings in 6 months with automated processing Central solution saved $7m in 18 months Reduced storage costs saved $175K annually • Reduced cost of agenda creation from $44K per year to $6K per year COST cutting & savings

  18. WHERE ? Public Records, Public Health and Vital Statistics • KEY STORIES • Chemung County, NY • Marion County, IN • City of Westlake, OH • Caddo Parish, LA IMPACT • Self service access to documents • Reduced phone inquiries • Faster completion of tasks • Supports fee-based document service Self-service stations provide document access Kiosks allow self-service SELF- Service

  19. WHERE ? Human services, human resources, Federal military, public record access • KEY STORIES • Carver County, MN • Colorado Springs JPPSO • Canton City, OH School District • Chemung County, NY IMPACT 40% caseload increase with the same staff, saving $200K/annually in staff costs Manage a 600% increase in processing by adding only 30% more staff Processes reduced from 8 days to 8 hours Self-service stations provide document access More with LESS

  20. KEY STORIES • Lee County, FL Clerk of Circuit Courts • Lucas County, OH HHS • Marion County, IN • Houston Police Officers’ Pension Fund • Allegheny County, PA WHERE ? Finance and accounting processes, Human services, Vital Records, Courts, Public Works IMPACT Invoice processing from 2 weeks to 2 days Eligibility determination decisions times reduced by 5 business days or 50% Member processes went from 3 weeks/month to 8 hours using workflow Invoice processing from 14 days to 5 days Faster government COLLABORATION EFFICIENCY

  21. Key OnBase Pieces Advanced Capture Workflow UNITY FORMS Application Enabler/Integrations Agenda Management Public Access Viewer Document eCommerce

  22. RESOURCES Webinars Hyland Community OTTC GoVOGUE

  23. Questions ? @Hyland_Govt