rocky mountain national park n.
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Rocky Mountain National Park

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Rocky Mountain National Park. Jose Melendez. Introduction .

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  • Rocky Mountain National Park is a World Heritage site because of its beautiful natural features. It has some of the tallest peaks in the lower 48 states, including Long’s Peak, one of the most popular peaks to climb in in Colorado. RMNP also has many pristine alpine lakes, lots of wildlife and one of the highest continuous roads in North America.

RMNP is in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

The park is west of Estes Park, CO, two hours northwest of Denver, CO.

longs peak
Longs Peak

Longs Peak is one of the most famous peaks in Colorado. It is over 14,000 feet and adventurous visitors like to climb it.


Lakes like Cub Lake and Fern Lake are popular attractions for hikers and fisherman.


Moose, big horn sheep and elk are among some of the amazing wildlife that many visitors come to see at RMNP.

summary why should rmnp be a world heritage site
Summary: Why should RMNP be a World Heritage Site?

Rocky Mountain National Park should be a World Heritage site because of its natural beauty. The park has a beautiful mountain range that many hikers like to climb. This includes the very popular Long’s peak. The park also has many high altitude lakes with pristine blue water. Lakes like Fern Lake and Cub Lake are surrounded by beautiful scenery for fisherman to experience. Lastly, RMNP has a variety of wildlife. People from all over the world come to see the large elk herds, big horn sheep, moose and mountain goats, among other wildlife.

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