changes in hcs
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Changes in HCS

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Changes in HCS. What It Means for HCS Participants and Their Families. What is Changing? . People in HCS will have a new Service Coordinator from MHMR of Tarrant County. Case Management will no longer be provided by the HCS Provider.

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changes in hcs

Changes in HCS

What It Means for HCS Participants and Their Families

what is changing
What is Changing?
  • People in HCS will have a new Service Coordinator from MHMR of Tarrant County.
  • Case Management will no longer be provided by the HCS Provider.
  • Person Directed Planning will be the basis for HCS Services.
why did things change
Why did things change?
  • The Texas Legislature required the changes.
  • Increase oversight and monitoring of HCS participants.
  • Ensure that people understand HCS service options.
  • Ensure that HCS services are based on Person Directed Planning.
are services changing
Are Services Changing?
  • HCS Services will not change as a result of the addition of the Service Coordinator.
  • The HCS service array is not changing—only the case management.
  • The HCS Provider will continue to hire or contract for the services provided through the HCS program.
  • Consumer Directed Services will still be available.
major responsibilities of the service coordinator
Major Responsibilities of the Service Coordinator
  • Facilitates the Person Directed Planning Process.
  • Monitors to determine if services are delivered and progress is made toward goals.
  • Monitors the well being of the person.
  • Assists with problem resolution, transfers, and discharges.
what is person directed planning
What is Person Directed Planning?
  • Based on core values including:
    • Self Determination—freedom to decide and choose what is important, including services.
    • Community Inclusion—opportunities to connect with people and participate in ordinary community activities.
    • Meaningful Relationships—close relationships beyond staff that are maintained and encouraged.
    • Natural Supports—services should not replace supports from family, friends, or others.
person directed planning
Person Directed Planning
  • Based on information about what is important in the person’s life.
  • Not solely based on “deficits” or “needs”.
  • Takes into consideration the attributes of the person.
  • Goals are identified by the person and the family.
  • Services and supports are identified to support the personal goals.
who will participate in the development of the pdp
Who will participate in the development of the PDP?
  • The HCS participant.
  • The legal representative of the participant.
  • The Service Coordinator.
  • Others chosen by the person or legal representative. (Family members, teachers, friends, providers, etc.)

This group of people makes up the Service Planning Team.

how will the sc help with the process
How will the SC help with the process?
  • Understands and upholds the core values of Person Directed Planning.
  • Spends time with the person, family, and others to discovery what is important.
  • Helps in recognizing goals.
  • Helps the person communicate their desires to the team.
  • Assists the team with ideas about how to achieve goals—including non-HCS services.
  • The SC will write the results of the meeting in the Person Directed Plan.
what is included in the pdp
What is included in the PDP?
  • A summary of information gathered about the person’s preferences in different areas (e.g. living situation, work, school, safety, health).
  • A summary of what needs to be done to keep the person healthy and safe.
  • Goals or outcomes and the services and supports that will achieve them.
  • The provider will develop an implementation plan or strategies to achieve the goals identified in the PDP.
  • The SC will interview the person and their family regularly to determine:
    • If you are satisfied with services
    • If progress toward goals is satisfactory.
    • To determine if there are concerns or issues that need to be discussed with the provider.
    • To assure the person’s well being.
expectations of service coordinators
Expectations of Service Coordinators
  • Listen and pay attention to what consumers and family members are saying.
  • Demonstrate respect for the wishes of consumers and families.
  • Find positive attributes and talents.
  • Demonstrate that they can be trusted.
  • Identify health and safety concerns.
  • Identify preferences and desires of the person.
  • Recognize the importance of friends and family.
expectations of service coordinators1
Expectations of Service Coordinators
  • Visit regularly to ask about goals and services.
  • Visit in different locations and at different times.
  • Assist in communicating concerns to the provider or others as requested.
  • Take action when services are not working for the consumer or family.
  • Revise the PDP as needed to reflect changes in consumer and family desires.
  • Take action if people are in danger.
how to contact service coordinators
How to Contact Service Coordinators
  • The name, phone number, and beeper number will be provided to participants and legal representatives of the person.
  • Each Service Coordinator has a supervisor who will be available to assist families and participants if there are problems.
  • Families and Consumers will also receive the name and number of the Director.
assigning service coordinators
Assigning Service Coordinators
  • In order to make a good assignment, the preferences and desires of the person should be considered.
  • Unfortunately, assignments were required prior to implementation of the program and before we are able to get to know the consumers..
  • Future assignments will consider personal preferences.
  • We are expecting that there will be some requests for changes.
changing service coordinators
Changing Service Coordinators
  • It is important that people feel comfortable with the Service Coordinator.
  • A good match is essential, so changes will be made if there are difficulties.
  • Service Coordinators are expecting requests for changes if there was not a “good match” made.
  • A simple phone call may be made to request a change.
  • Be thinking about what is most important to you in a Service Coordinator.
  • Complaints about Service Coordinators may be made informally to the Supervisors or Director.
  • Complaints may be made to the Human Rights Officer at MHMR of Tarrant County.
  • Complaints may be made to the state authority—Department of Aging and Disability Services.
  • Service Coordinators will be providing information about how to file a complaint.

Partner with HCS participants, families and providers to:

  • Ensure that HCS services enhance the person’s quality of life.
  • Give opportunities for consumers and families to be fully involved in planning for their future.
  • Give opportunities for strong community connections.
  • Recognize the importance of close meaningful relationships.
  • Ensure the well being of HCS participants.