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Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Interim Assessment Program Administration Training December 13 and 19, 2006. Office of Assessment, Research, and Data Analysis Student Assessment and Educational Testing. Schedule of Activities. SINI SCHOOLS INTERIM ASSESSMENT TEST SCHEDULE.

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Miami-Dade County Public Schools

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  1. Miami-Dade County Public Schools Interim Assessment Program Administration Training December 13 and 19, 2006 Office of Assessment, Research, and Data Analysis Student Assessment and Educational Testing Winter Administration, 2007

  2. Schedule of Activities SINI SCHOOLS INTERIM ASSESSMENT TEST SCHEDULE Winter Administration, 2007

  3. Schedule of Activities NON-SINI SCHOOLS INTERIM ASSESSMENT TEST SCHEDULE Winter Administration, 2007

  4. Students to Be Tested • All students enrolled in grades 3-10 • Students MUST take the test corresponding to the • grade level in which they are listed in ISIS Winter Administration, 2007

  5. Test Book /Answer Sheet Configuration • Regular Test Booklet Regular Edusoft Answer Sheet • Large Print Test Booklet Large Print Edusoft Answer Sheet • Braille Test Booklet Braille Edusoft Answer Sheet Winter Administration, 2007

  6. Number of Test Items by Test Form Winter Administration, 2007

  7. Approximate Testing Time Winter Administration, 2007

  8. Administration Decisions • Approximate testing time is an estimate of the amount of time it would take a student to complete the test • Interim Assessment tests are not timed tests; every opportunity should be provided for students to complete the test • Due to the number of items on the Mathematics tests, it is recommended that testing be divided into two sessions • A stopping point should be designated in advance for all classrooms/students • Students should not be allowed to revisit a section on the test that was administered during a previous testing session Winter Administration, 2007

  9. Accommodations • Accommodations must be provided for Students with • Disabilities, students with 504 plans, and Limited English • Proficient students • Use of accommodations must be dictated by a student’s • educational plan and mirror those consistently being used • for curricular instruction • Reading tests cannot be read to students because the • tests are designed to assess reading comprehension • Braille responses must be transcribed onto student’s • answer sheet • Refer to the Program Guide section on Students to be • Tested for further details on Accommodations (pages 5-7) Winter Administration, 2007

  10. Testing Environment • Adequate lighting • Quiet atmosphere • Freedom from distraction • Appropriate seating arrangements Winter Administration, 2007

  11. Consumable Test Booklets • Highlighting, underlining, and circling are permitted in the test booklets Winter Administration, 2007

  12. Preparation of Materials • Inventory all Interim Assessment materials immediately • upon receipt • If additional materials are needed, use the Additional Materials Order Form (Appendix C of the Program Guide) and contact ETS at 1-866-881-2802 • Check Edusoft Rosters to ensure that students are • enrolled • Print Edusoft Answer Sheets • Train test administrators (refer to page 18 in the Program • Guide for a list of topics) • Plan for use of calculators for grades 7-10 • Prepare Teacher Count Sheet (Appendix D of the • Program Guide) Winter Administration, 2007

  13. Printing Answer Sheets • Answer sheets are available for printing • SINI: January 8- 9, 2007 • NON-SINI: Beginning on January 8, 2007 • Students listed in ISIS on or before December 22, 2006 will have their name on a period specific answer sheet • Students entering after December 22, 2006 will need a generic answer sheet • Period specific answer sheets should be printed by teacher and grade level • Master student answer sheets should be printed from a high-quality laser printer and copied using a high-quality copier Winter Administration, 2007

  14. Assembling Classroom Test Materials • Test booklets, one per student • Answer sheets, one per student for • each content area being tested • No. 2 pencils • Mathematics reference sheets (grades • 6-10 only) • Calculators (grades 7-10 only) Winter Administration, 2007

  15. Testing Procedures • Distribute a test booklet and an answer sheet directly to each student • Direct students to write their name on the top right corner of the test booklet and answer sheet • Ensure that students bubble their name or write their student ID number on the answer sheet • Prompt students to scan the test booklet for missing pages • Direct students’ attention to the pre-determined mid-point if a test is to be administered in two sessions • Encourage students to do their best and answer all questions • Print page 12 of the Program Guide for each teacher to use as directions for administering the test Winter Administration, 2007

  16. Post Test Procedures • Collect testing materials individually from each student • Divide the testing materials into five piles • used answer sheets • used test booklets • unused answer sheets • unused test booklets • reference sheets, if appropriate • Scan answer sheets using Edusoft Winter Administration, 2007

  17. Scanning Answer Sheets • Edusoft scanning process should be done during the designated dates • SINI: January 10- 12, 2007 • NON-SINI: January 16-19, 2007 Resolve errors by viewing the “Scanning Status: Session Summary” of each batch of scanned answer sheets Under Admin Tab Scanning Status: Session Summary Winter Administration, 2007

  18. Printing Reports • The downloading of score reports should be done during January 22 – February 22, 2007 • Provide specific reports to classroom teachers and administrators as identified in the Program Guide on page 13-15 • Print answer keys for classroom teachers to use during debriefing process • The reports do not include proficiency levels • The first reports are preliminary reports and may be modified at a later date Winter Administration, 2007

  19. Debriefing • Collaborative debriefings (administration, department • heads, and classroom teachers): should take place in a • timely manner to identify strengths and weaknesses in • order to effectively target instruction • Teacher analyses of Edusoft reports should take place • prior to debriefing with students • Classroom debriefings (classroom teacher with • students): provide students with the opportunity to • review their responses and teachers with teachable • moments to identify and address concepts not initially • understood. Winter Administration, 2007

  20. Packing and Return of Test Materials • Comet Delivery Services will pick up test booklets February 26 – March 2, 2007 • Materials should be repackaged in the original boxes • Directions for packing are described in the Program Guide on pages 16 and 17 Winter Administration, 2007

  21. School-site Training Topics • Testing schedule • Test administrator procedures • Receiving and handling test materials • Arranging for appropriate accommodations as necessary • Preparation of materials prior to and after testing • Scanning and scoring procedures • Debriefing process Winter Administration, 2007

  22. Interim Assessment Website http://oada.dadeschools.net/IAP/IAP.asp • Ancillary Materials • Support Links Winter Administration, 2007

  23. Program Contacts Ms. Lani Dunthorn, Executive Director LWhitney@dadeschools.netPhone: 305-995-7528 Mrs. Felicia Mallory, Staff Specialist FMallory@dadeschools.netPhone: 305-995-1213 Ms. Denetra Collins, Curriculum Support SpecialistCollinsd@dadeschools.netPhone: 305-995-4580 Winter Administration, 2007

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