Salutary neglect and the french and indian war
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Salutary Neglect and The French and Indian War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Salutary Neglect and The French and Indian War. Salutary Neglect. The philosophy that England should leave the colonies alone to prosper Great for the colonies (benefitted from England), but England doesn’t prosper. The Navigation Acts. Earliest form of English control passed from 1650-1673

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Salutary neglect
Salutary Neglect

  • The philosophy that England should leave the colonies alone to prosper

  • Great for the colonies (benefitted from England), but England doesn’t prosper

The navigation acts
The Navigation Acts

  • Earliest form of English control passed from 1650-1673

  • Weak enforcement, customs officers took bribes from merchants

  • Parliament relaxes restrictions to appease merchants

The colonies divided
The Colonies Divided

  • Colonists viewed themselves as “Virginians”, “New Yorkers” (and British), not Americans

  • Colonial legislatures are becoming more powerful

  • Colonists are feeling threatened by the French and Indians

The albany plan of union
The Albany Plan of Union

  • Benjamin Franklin proposed a plan to unite the colonies against the common threat

  • Colonies would have kept most of their power, colonial legislatures intact

  • Federal government would have power to negotiate with Indians, levy war, and some taxes

England and france like to fight
England and France Like to Fight!

  • Queen Anne’s War (1701-1713)- England fought against Spain and France and gained Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland in the Treaty of Utrecht

  • King George’s War (1744-1748)- England fights France but gives back the fort at Louisbourg which angers the colonists

  • Relationships between the English, French, and Iroquois are falling apart (balance of power)

Fort necessity
Fort Necessity

  • France doesn’t trust the British and begins to construct forts in the Ohio Valley

  • British are threatened and begin making their own forts

  • The Iroquois ally with the British but try to stay out of it

  • George Washington is sent to challenge French expansion

Battle of fort necessity 1754
Battle of Fort Necessity (1754)

  • Washington attacked a French garrison previously, which killed their commander Jumonville. (story of Indian, tomahawk, and brains)

  • Washington constructs Fort Necessity and expects an attack, which happens

  • He surrenders for the only time after 1/3 of soldiers die, admits he assassinated Jumonville (translation?), and goes back to Virginia

  • The French and Indian War (1754-1763) begins

Phase 1 colonial struggle with some british help
Phase 1- Colonial Struggle with some British Help

  • Mostly a colonial struggle with very little British help

  • General Braddock tries to take back forts and fails miserably (he dies)

Phase 2 england and france declare war 1756
Phase 2- England and France Declare War (1756)

  • England officially enters war

  • William Pitt takes over the war effort and exerts more control over the colonies

  • Colonists are “impressed” into service

  • Problems between the British and colonial troops

Phase 3 pitt relaxes policies
Phase 3- Pitt Relaxes Policies

  • If you provide the troops, we’ll pay for the war

  • More power to colonial recruiters

  • British send more troops and supplies

  • The British overwhelm the French with sieges on Lousibourg, Duquesne, and at Quebec

  • “Scalp Bounties”- pay for Indian scalps

Peace of paris 1763
Peace of Paris (1763)

  • France gives Great Britain a lot of land including:

  • Most colonies in India

  • West Indian Islands

  • Canada

  • All French Territories East of the Mississippi (except New Orleans)

Impact of the war
Impact of the War

  • England gets a lot of land

  • France loses power and land

  • British mad at colonists poor military techniques, lack of financial contributions, and effort

  • British and colonists are in contact with eachother (us v. them)

  • Unifies colonists

  • Indians lose a lot of power

  • Britain has a huge war debt- we need to get taxes

Britain takes more control of colonies
Britain takes more control of colonies

  • Start contributing and stop freeloading!

  • Sets the stage for the American Revolution