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Videofied. Product/Service presented by Cooperative Response Center, Inc. Sheriffs’ Endorsement. Focusing on the human side of technology. GPRS Videofied System. PIR Motion Sensor. HOW IT WORKS. Cordless No AC connection Up to 4-year life battery pack. Infrared Illuminators.

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Product/Service presented byCooperative Response Center, Inc.

Sheriffs endorsement
Sheriffs’ Endorsement

Focusing on the human side of technology

Gprs videofied system
GPRS Videofied System

PIR Motion



  • Cordless

  • No AC connection

  • Up to 4-year lifebattery pack



Night Vision

Digital Camera

Prevent copper theft
Prevent Copper Theft

  • Completely wireless GPRS Video Security System

  • Operates with AT&T, T-Mobile, and other GPRS cellular networks

  • Motion-activated integrated night vision camera that sends 10-second video of intruder over the cell network to the monitoring station and site manager

  • Up to 24 cameras on a single system; operates for years on one set of batteries. Indoor and outdoor cameras

  • No wires or power required

  • IP Connectivity Option

Focusing on the human side of technology

Affordable portable anywhere
Affordable, Portable, Anywhere

Videofied stops copper theft by:

  • Immediately alerting 24x7 professional monitoring staff of an attempted copper theft and providing a video of the incident

  • Police are dispatched to a crime-in-progress

  • Videofied delivers apprehensions, not reruns on a DVR

  • Outdoor wireless video security systems provide protection to substations, cell towers, construction sites and rooftop air conditioners

Focusing on the human side of technology

Substation protection
Substation Protection

Substation Arrest:

Theft of transformer grounding rods.


No prosecution needed


Winter copper theft at utility storage yard

Focusing on the human side of technology

Immediate detect priority response
Immediate Detect Priority Response

Monitoring Station

Cell Tower

Panel Hub



Numerous applications
Numerous Applications

Special Applications

  • Commercial Outdoor

    • Fenced lots

    • Utilities

  • Portable/Temporary

    • Construction

    • Municipal


  • Cell Upgrade

    • Video included

  • Small Commercial

  • Residential


  • Blended Video

    • Enhanced surveillance

Ip connectivity
IP Connectivity



  • CRC acts as Master Distributor for all Videofied products (JIT Inventory Management—FOB Videofied US HQ, White Bear Lake, MN)

  • Shipping costs paid by Member

  • CRC programs all Videofied Monitoring equipment prior to shipping

  • CRC will recommend a reliable CRC Member/Associate Member for installation of systems when possible

  • Videofied manufacturers’ warranty will be honored two years from date of purchase


Focusing on the human side of technology

Substation protection1
Substation Protection

Panel XTO:

  • Weatherproof, wireless, battery-operated, hybrid alarm system. Designed for outdoor commercial applications such as substations, cellular towers, remote sites, construction sites, etc.

  • Housed in an IP65 waterproof housing with mounting bracket

  • Operates on batteries between -20F to +140F

  • Has two integrated long-range antennas:

    • 915 MHz communications between panel and peripheral devices

    • GSM communications from panel to the Central Station

  • Member price: Call For Price Information


Focusing on the human side of technology

Substation protection2
Substation Protection


  • The Videofied Keypad is completely wireless and self-powered for easy installation. It has an easy-to-read backlit display and comes with a wall/cover tamper switch.

  • Keypad will enable alarm arming and disarming.

  • Member Price: Call For Price Information


Focusing on the human side of technology

Substation protection3
Substation Protection

Outdoor MotionViewer

  • Combines a passive infrared motion sensor, digital camera, and infrared illuminators into a single wireless battery-powered security device.

  • Ideal to secure outdoor assets and remote facilities.

  • Includes: True night vision - IP 65 Weatherproof rated. -30° to +60°C (-20° to +140°F). - UNPLUGGED: no wires or AC power - Up to 4 year battery life. - 915/868/925 MHz communication between MotionViewer / peripherals. - RF range is up to 2,000 feet (700m).

  • Member price: Call For Price Information

    • 4 MotionViewers recommended per substation


Substation protection4
Substation Protection

Outdoor Siren/Strobe

  • Maximizes deterrence and helps responders quickly locate facility at night.

  • Operates outdoors from -30° to +60°C (-20° to +140°F).

  • Completely wireless; can be easily mounted anywhere without need to drill holes for power and signal cables.

  • Up to four-year battery life.

  • Multiple sirens can be placed on the same system.

  • Member price: Call For Price Information


Substation protection5
Substation Protection

Mounting Arm Kit

  • Designed to facilitate the mounting of the Outdoor MotionViewer and screws into the threaded socket in the rear of the device.

  • Member price: Call For Price Information


Substation protection6
Substation Protection

GPRS External Antenna

  • External GPRS antenna connects to Panel.

  • Designed to deliver cell coverage to remote locations with little or no signal.

  • Passive system requiring no power, increases cell signal strength by up to 14db (send and receive) by focusing the omni-directional signal into a 30° cone.

  • Keypad shows signal strength to facilitate optimal installation.

  • Available soon.


Monthly pricing
Monthly Pricing

Call for pricing: