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Free Time

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Free Time

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  1. Free Time Active or Pasive

  2. This is a survey of free time habits among teenagers that we are going to deal with: • What teenagers do in their free time. • If they smoke or drink alcohol. • If they practise sports. • If they know the conditionsof practising sports. • What they do when they are bored.

  3. What do teenagers do in their free time? -Most tenagers go out to parties. -And a small percentage drink outdoors or other issues. What about smoking? -Most teenagers never smoke,but a small percentage sometimes do it. -20% smoke regularly.

  4. Why do teenagers smoke? -Teenagers that sometimes smoke or have tasted cigarrettes did it because they had curiosity and others because their friends told them. Do teenagers think that a party without alcohol is boring?

  5. If teenagers have tasted alcohol,why have they done it? -Because they like it. What age do most teenager start to smoke? -Most teenagers don’t smoke at all. The others start when they are 13 years.

  6. Have teenagers ever got drunk? -45% have got drunk, but 20% have never or rarely done it.The 15% always and the 20% never drink. How often do you go to drink parties? -Many of them go all the weekends or once a week. The others never drunk

  7. When do teenagers start drinking? -35% with less than 14 years and with 15. The others never. How often do teenagers pratise sports during the week? -Most practise sports more than two hours per week. A small percentage never.

  8. How long do teenagers watch tv? -55% more than two hours, 20% not much the others 1 hour or less. How long do teenagers study a day? -45% study less than one hour,30% study one or two hours, the rest more or don’t study.

  9. What do teenagers do when they are bored in their house? -They wacht television. What are the cosencuences of watching too much television? - It is bad for our eyes.

  10. Group 4 • Melany Aguila • Lucia Camacho • Laura Gonzalez • Angel Martinez • Tamara Nuñez

  11. How often do you play in the computer or in the playstation? What are the benefits of practising physical exercise regulary? -Be healthy and in a better physical condition

  12. What are the benefits of the healthy activities? -Almost all think that is good to meet new friends. What are the effects of avoidind practising sports? -Almost all think that is the obesity and the others think that you can become silly.

  13. What is the relationship between sports and drugs?

  14. Conclusions • Today most of the teenagers have bad habits each time earlier: smoke,drink and go out a lot… because they have a bad company. • They rarely practise sports and they watch a lot of television, they study less and go worst their physical and mental capacity.

  15. The practice physical activities regularly brings benefits such as greater resistance activities, helps social relationships, know the magnitudes of the body, proper development of the body. • Television, video games and interactive Internet are not always bad from children. Sometimes are a example of laziness but there are helps too. The television gives us information of the world, the Internet is used to search for information for works and video games distract us.

  16. This relationship the tabacco with the sport affects our bodies, the respiratory system and heart. If we have problems caused by snuff or other bad habits, we will be more difficult to carry out a physical activity. • Many deaths are caused by physical inactivity annually in Spain.