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4 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Week By Week | Pregnancy Stages & Fetal Development

4 weeks pregnant: Path To Mom brings to you a comprehensive guide on 4 week pregnancy. This video will explain the size of the baby, symptoms, diet, thoughts, ultrasound, to-do and to avoid things, and reminders during the fourth week of your pregnancy.<br>For more interesting articles on week by week pregnancy please visit:<br>

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4 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Week By Week | Pregnancy Stages & Fetal Development

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  1. Beautiful Journey Of Pregnancy Week 4 Week 4 Pregnant

  2. Baby Development Length of the embryo is just like the head of a pin or a poppy seed in this week. Week 4 Pregnant

  3. Symptoms • Bloating • Mild cramping • Fatigue • Sore breasts • Nausea • Morning sickness • Fragrance sensitivity • Mood swings Week 4 Pregnant

  4. Inside the woman Little sound of happiness Length: 0.08 cm Weight: 0.06 gram Week 4 Pregnant

  5. Pregnant Belly Belly might be a little bloated, but you almost certainly don’t look pregnant yet. Still, you need to start acting like a mom-to-be. And that means giving proper care to you and your baby Week 4 Pregnant

  6. Ultrasound The ball of cells is splitting into the embryo (your future child) and placenta. Week 4 Pregnant

  7. Pregnancy Diet • Must Eat • Strawberries • Tomatoes • Vitamin C & vitamin D • Squeeze of lemon or lime • Steamed broccoli • Avoid Eating • Fenugreek seeds • Ajinomoto • Grapes • Foods that cause allergy • Unpasteurized juices Week 4 Pregnant

  8. Thought of the week Everything is happening way too fast. Enjoy every moment of this wonderful journey of becoming a mother. Don’t worry about the future. Live in today Week 4 Pregnant

  9. Please ensure… • Visit a dentist regularly as pregnant mothers suffer from bleeding gums • Get a pregnancy test done • Keep a check on your bad habits • Take proper rest Week 4 Pregnant

  10. Please avoid… • Eating junk food • Keeping your feet up • Overlooking food quality Week 4 Pregnant

  11. Here are a few reminders… • Visit to doctor • Consider your birth strategy • Always remember to take folic acid and Vitamin D Week 4 Pregnant

  12. Week 4 Pregnancy “Enjoy your Path to Mom, Relish every moment” Visit for more details

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