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South Africa Lawyers Directory PowerPoint Presentation
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South Africa Lawyers Directory

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South Africa Lawyers Directory
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South Africa Lawyers Directory

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  1. South Africa Lawyers Directory

  2. The Republic of South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa. It is a multi ethnic society comprising a wide variety of cultures, languages, and religions. The supreme rule of law in the country is The Constitution of South Africa. The primary sources of law are Roman-Dutch mercantile law and English Common law. The judicial system consists of the Magistrates courts, the High Courts and the Supreme Court of Appeal, which is the highest court in all and the Constitutional Court, which hears only constitutional matters. Attorneys in South Africa are registered on the practicing roll at the statutory, provincial law society where their practices are situated. 

  3. The majority of law firms registered in the South African Lawyers Directory are with the idea of connecting people with quality legal help.  Here they are creating an online marketplace of perused lawyers whom the clients can easily search and choose to work with. Their aim is to convert a traditionally unapproachable industry by making the law accessible, affordable and transparent to everyone. According to some law firms, they have a passion for helping the most needy ones. They also say that they won’t believe legal services should be reserved for large corporations or the super wealthy people. 

  4. Some of the websites make to be simple and efficient legal solution. No matter whatever the client’s issue is, they have got a talented lawyer who’s ready to help out. Clients may contact the applicable provincial law society in order to find an attorney and also can confirm that the specific attorney is on the practicing roll or not.  South Africa Lawyer's Directory will definitely meet with your legal needs. is one of the most popular lawyers directory from South Africa listed many attorneys, advocates and law firms from the country. 

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