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Understanding the VITA Site PowerPoint Presentation
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Understanding the VITA Site

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Understanding the VITA Site
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Understanding the VITA Site

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  1. Understanding the VITA Site

  2. Greeter Table Info Table Booth Ferris North and South Door Door 1st Floor of College Center

  3. Greeter Procedure • Client enters and checks in • Greeter gives client intake/interview form and takes client documents from them • Client fills out intake/interview form while Greeter organizes documents into a predetermined order • Client hands in intake/interview form to Greeter, who puts all documents into a manila folder and ranks the return

  4. Site Coordinator Table Tax Preparer Table Tax Preparer Table Tax Preparer Table Tax Preparer Table Tax Preparer Table Tax Preparer Table Tax Preparer Table Tax Preparer Table Tax Preparer Table Tax Preparer Table Printer Table Extra Info Table Door Door

  5. Tax Preparer Procedure • Come at beginning of your shift, check in at Greeter table, and put on your nametag. • Choose a tax preparer station to sit and log into TaxWise. • Your table should have the following: • Manual • Pub 4012 • Civil Rights Protection Act • Business cards • Pen • Wait until you are given a client.

  6. Tax Preparer Procedure • Once clients start to arrive, Site Coordinator picks up manila folders from Greeter area and assigns them to Tax Preparers • Tax Preparer looks through all the given documents and makes sure that s/he knows what to do with them • Any questions or concerns should go straight to Site Coordinator so she can either tell you what to do or assign the client to a different Tax Preparer

  7. Tax Preparer Procedure • Once Tax Preparer has confirmed that the return is doable, s/he has two options • Go out to the Greeter area and get the client by calling his/her name out. • Input all of the information that you can into TaxWise (to minimize having client sit around) and then go out to Greeter area and get client by calling out his/her name.

  8. Tax Preparer Procedure • Go over intake/interview form with client and change any “Unsure” responses on the second page to either “Yes” or “No” • Go through the interview. Make sure to ask client all questions, even if they were already answered on the intake form. • Complete the return on TaxWise using the methods we’ve discussed in previous training sessions.

  9. Tax Preparer Procedure • After you finish the return, you will get up from your table and get a Quality Reviewer. If none are available at the moment, get the Site Coordinator. • While the Quality Reviewer is performing the review, speak with you client about Financial Education classes (details to follow). • After the Quality Reviewer is finished, run diagnostics and save return as “Completed Return.”

  10. Tax Preparer Procedure • When the Quality Reviewer gives you the go ahead, print the return. • Get return from the printer and staple it. • Go through Federal return with client. Once he/she understands everything, have him/her sign Federal return. • Go through State return with client. Once s/he understands everything, have him/her sign State Return.

  11. Tax Preparer Procedure • Local Returns • Either TaxWise or https://lctcb.localtaxonline.org/eFilingEntry/preparerlogon.aspx

  12. Tax Preparer Procedure • Write your name on the back of my business card and give it to client so they can call me with any questions • Note: we do not keep ANY documents from client, including intake/interview form • Walk client out to greeter area and shake his/her hand. • Return to seat and wait for another client!