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Module 8- Analyzing Download Completion Rates and Download Analytics 2.0 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Module 8- Analyzing Download Completion Rates and Download Analytics 2.0. Objectives. After completing this module, you will be able to: identify the factors that impact download completion rate calculations. describe how Akamai calculates session-based completion rates.

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Objectives Analytics 2.0

  • After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • identify the factors that impact download completion rate calculations.

  • describe how Akamai calculates session-based completion rates.

  • identify methods to improve completion rates.

  • describe how Akamai’s Download Analytics solution works.

  • configure Download Analytics to generate custom and standard reports.

Download completion rates
Download Completion Rates Analytics 2.0

  • Download completion rates measure the ratio of successful downloads to the total number of download attempts.

  • Conceptually, this can be calculated simply as: Completion Rate= Number of Successful Downloads / Number of Attempted Downloads

  • DLMs make it difficult to track successful downloads.

  • To overcome this, Akamai calculates completion rates as:

  • Baseline Completion Rate = Number of Times Last Byte is Downloaded / Number of times First Byte is Downloaded

Caveats Analytics 2.0

  • Some DLMs may request the same byte-range multiple times.

  • A DLM may request and receive the first byte multiple times while requesting the last byte once.

  • A DLM may request byte-ranges out of order.

Session based completion rates using akamai s dlm
Session-based Completion Rates using Akamai’s DLM Analytics 2.0

  • Session-based Completion Rate = Number of sessions where last byte is downloaded / Number of sessions where first byte is downloaded

Why download completion rates exceed 100
Why Download Completion Rates Exceed 100% Analytics 2.0

  • DLMs may make multiple requests for the last byte of downloadable file.

  • A download initiation may occur before the timeframe being measured while the end time (download completion) occurs within this timeframe.

Factors for low completion rates
Factors for Low Completion Rates Analytics 2.0

  • Poor End-user Connectivity

  • Unusual Behavior of Third-party DLMs

  • Misbehaving Bots and Scripts

Improving download completion rates
Improving Download Completion Rates Analytics 2.0

  • To improve download completion rates:

  • improve download speeds.

  • improve download availability.

  • reduce file sizes.

  • identify specific problem areas – geography, file size, browser/DLMs and target solutions to those specific issues.

  • understand user behavior and consider treating files differently depending on content.

Improving download completion rates cont
Improving Download Completion Rates (Cont…) Analytics 2.0

  • Use Akamai DLM for higher completion rates and accurate reporting.

  • Understand business factors that impact completion rates.

  • Integrate download information to a Web analytics solution to see how download experience impacts revenue.

Download analytics dla 2 0
Download Analytics (DLA) 2.0 Analytics 2.0

  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting solution centered on content and user intelligence

  • Optional module for HTTP Downloads available with ESD

  • Works with DLM 3.0 to report on end user download behavior

  • Features include:

    • Built-in support for properties such as geography, connection speed, and network

    • Ability to integrate custom metadata into your reports

Solution highlights
Solution Highlights Analytics 2.0

Reporting Highlights

User Engagement

  • Download duration (total, average)

  • Completion rate (% viewed)

  • End-user analysis by geography, network, connection speed, and so on

  • User behavior data (start/stop/pause/cancel)

  • Business Insight

    • Create logical content groupings

    • Integrate business readable metadata

    • Analytics by referring vendor

    • Download funnel analysis

    • Platform Features

      • Integrates with Akamai Download Manager

      • Create multi-level drill-down reports and dashboards

      • Built-in geographic intelligence

      • Flexible data storage durations

      • Aggregate data sources across Akamai CP codes

      • Flexible filtering options

    How it works

    Analytics Analytics 2.0




    How it Works


    End Users




    Provisioning dla 2 0 and using standard reports
    Provisioning DLA 2.0 and Using Standard Reports Analytics 2.0

    • The first step in provisioning DLA is to define an analyzer.

    • An analyzer is defined by including data sources (CP codes) that are filtered for HTTP download traffic.

    • You can also define data filters and create custom dimensions for your reports.

    • Custom filters and reports can be associated to an analyzer once it is provisioned.

    Generating custom reports
    Generating Custom Reports Analytics 2.0

    • DLA 2.0 allows to generate custom reports for dimensions that you can define.

    • Dimensions define data elements that metrics within a report will be grouped by.

    • Metrics in your report are displayed for the dimensions you define.

    • You can create custom dimensions to match parameters in your download URL.