to invest in real estate l.
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When Investing in Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation
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When Investing in Real Estate

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When Investing in Real Estate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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One of the biggest problems new real estate investors encounter is an inability to take action. No matter what information is placed before them or how much knowledge they have of the process, they still find themselves held back by fear of the unknown. This presentation serves as a "pep talk" to help you get over your fears, pull the trigger, and start buying investment property!

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Presentation Transcript
to invest in real estate

To Invest in Real Estate…

You Have to Pull the Trigger!

what is the number one reason people don t buy real estate
What is the Number One Reason People Don’t Buy Real Estate?
  • For some reason people find it really hard to get past their fears and take action when investing in real estate
  • An inability to “pull the trigger” and actually buy property prevents a lot of new investors from achieving the success they deserve!
get over the butterflies
Get Over the Butterflies!
  • What people need to understand is, that feeling doesn’t go away
  • Even experienced investors get the occasional butterflies when they’re about to purchase property
  • By not letting these feeling prevent you from taking action, you can put yourself on track to consistently buy property
don t over analyze
Don’t Over Analyze!
  • It’s common for new investors to want to spend months analyzing deals and crunching numbers
  • While it’s important to familiarize yourself with the industry, and know what you’re doing you can’t let and endless search for knowledge prevent you from actually getting started
  • The reality is that the majority of what you’ll learn as a real estate investor, must be learned through taking action and buying property
buy property
Buy Property!
  • Once people get over their initial reservations, they typically buy property at a pace they didn’t think was possible
  • So “embrace the suck” and start investing in real estate!
passive equity
Passive Equity

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