how to organize a deal board l.
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How to Create a Real Estate Investing Deal Board PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Create a Real Estate Investing Deal Board

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How to Create a Real Estate Investing Deal Board - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shauwn Digman of shares the best to way to organize your real estate deals onto a deal board. He recommends using a large white board and a series of columns for easy access.

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how to organize a deal board

How to Organize a Deal Board

For Your Real Estate Investments

what is a deal board
What is a Deal Board?
  • An organizational tool to keep track of all the projects you’re working on
  • Can use any medium- a lot of people use computers
  • Many real estate investors like whiteboards because it gives them a quick idea of what’s going on any time they need to look up something
  • 1. Address
  • 2. Vacancy (Occupied or vacant?)
  • 3. Appraisal Value
  • 4. Cost of House (Includes Closing Costs)
  • 5. What You Want to Sell it For
  • 6. Repairs
columns cont
Columns Cont.
  • 7. How You Found the House
  • 8. Title Company
  • 9. Status
  • 10. Date of Close
formatting tips
Formatting Tips
  • Write properties you found yourself in Blue
  • If the lead came from another source (like a wholesaler), mark it in a different color so you can easily keep track of sources
more on deal boards
More on Deal Boards
  • Great way to keep track of properties on a daily basis
  • Change the status regularly- is it under contract, active, or have you sent the docs?
  • If anyone you know wants to buy a house they can quickly reference your board too!
  • Great way to share and track progress!
passive equity
Passive Equity

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