top 5 reasons to sell your home to a real estate investor l.
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5 Reasons to Sell Your House to an Investor PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Reasons to Sell Your House to an Investor

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5 Reasons to Sell Your House to an Investor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on lists 5 great reasons to go the unconventional route- and sell your house to an investor. Besides a fast close, investors also offer knowledge of the market and often times the ability to pay in cash.

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Presentation Transcript
selling a home the conventional way
Selling a Home the Conventional Way
  • You must find a good realtor
  • Closing fees and commission
  • Must make costly repairs to stay competitive
  • Must be on call for showings
  • Often takes months to close
  • Must keep your house spotless to appeal to a retail buyer
1 quick sell
1. Quick Sell
  • Most real estate investors can close in as little as two weeks
  • They can make an offer on your home almost instantly
  • If they won’t buy it, they usually know someone who will
  • Since they do this for a living they probably already have access to financing, which speeds up the process
2 non contingent closes
2. Non Contingent Closes
  • Most real estate investors offer non contingent closes
  • If you sell your house to a retail buyer, they may come after you post close about damages
  • Because a real estate investor is familiar with the business, he’s held to different standards
  • If he doesn’t notice something is damage before close, it’s his problem
3 they ll buy as is
3. They’ll Buy “As Is”
  • This saves the seller A LOT of money
  • They’ll buy houses that the average buyer wouldn’t- those with foundational problems, burn damage, etc.
  • They have more imagination than a retail buyer- they don’t care about your dirty carpet
  • They’re used to rehabbing property, and can probably do it for a lot less than you could
4 guaranteed close
4. Guaranteed Close
  • Most investors are familiar with the process, and won’t make an offer on your house unless they’re sure it works for them
  • They have a reputation to upkeep, so they’re more likely to follow through
  • They don’t mind buying multiple houses at once, so they won’t back out at the last second because they see something they like better
5 convenience
5. Convenience
  • Because this is their job, investors are very flexible- they consider you their customer
  • They can close at your convenience- if you want to wait they’ll generally stick around
  • They can get creative- they’ll often rent back to the previous owner until they find another place to live
finding a real estate investor
Finding a Real Estate Investor
  • Search online for investors in your area
  • Popular search terms are “sell my house,” “sell my house for cash,” etc.
  • Ask for references- they should be able to connect you with several satisfied “customers”
  • Check them out in the Better Business Bureau
to learn more about selling your house
To Learn More about Selling Your House…
  • If you want to sell your house in San Antonio or elsewhere in Texas visit
  • To learn more about the process check out our blog-