The Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph - Operations and Commissioning Science
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PFIS modes Commissioning science programs PI tool demo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph - Operations and Commissioning Science K. Nordsieck Univ of Wisconsin. PFIS modes Commissioning science programs PI tool demo. PFIS Modes. Commissioned Not Commissioned. Commissioning Science Programs. One Prediction for NGC1399. Diffuse Ellipticals.

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Pfis modes commissioning science programs pi tool demo
The Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph - Operations and Commissioning ScienceK. NordsieckUniv of Wisconsin

  • PFIS modes

  • Commissioning science programs

  • PI tool demo

PFIS Commissioning - SSII

Pfis modes
PFIS Modes Commissioning Science

Commissioned Not Commissioned

PFIS Commissioning - SSII

Commissioning science programs
Commissioning Science Programs Commissioning Science

PFIS Commissioning - SSII

Pne early type galaxies

One Prediction for NGC1399 Commissioning Science

Diffuse Ellipticals

Dwarf Irregulars

PNe Early-Type Galaxies

  • Scientific goal: Oxygen abundances in a giant E galaxy to establish star formation history from O/Fe

  • Method: multislit UV-blue spectroscopy of Planetary Nebulae

PFIS Commissioning - SSII

Ngc1399 pne
NGC1399 PNe Commissioning Science

  • Suggested target: NGC 1399: E0, distance 16 Mpc (Fornax Cluster)

  • ~70 PNe positions known from narrow-Band imaging (Ciardullo 1989)

  • Wavelength range 340 – 510 nm. Resolution ~5000 (to overcome stellar background)

  • S/N ~ 10 for line F > 3x10-18 erg/s/cm2 (1% of OIII5007 in brightest PN)

  • Byproduct: kinematics in outer part of galaxy

  • Makes use of PFIS field, UV sensitivity, resolution

  • Use to demonstrate long – slit, multislit, shuffle, multislit planning and extraction

PFIS Commissioning - SSII

Circumstellar disks in the lmc and smc

Balmer Jump Commissioning Science

Paschen Jump

Spectropolarimetry of φ Per

(PBO 0.9m)

Circumstellar disks in the LMC and SMC

  • Scientific goal: establish nature of circumstellar disks in Be stars in LMC/ SMC open clusters

  • Much larger fraction of B stars are Be (~60%) in LMC than MW: different angular momentum evolution?, metallicity?

  • Method: UV – red multislit spectropolarimetry: Balmer Jump, Paschen Jump + disk models

PFIS Commissioning - SSII

Lmc smc open clusters

imaging polarimetry Commissioning Science


LMC, SMC Open Clusters

NGC 1818 (LMC)

  • Suggested target: NGC 1818 (LMC), NGC 330 (SMC)

  • 40 Be candidates identified from spectroscopic studies in 1818, 33 in NGC 330, V = 13.7 – 17.2

  • Linear spectropolarimetry wavelength range 320 – 900 nm. Resolution ~1000 using 900 l/mm grating in blue and red setting

  • Imaging multislit polarimetry to get interstellar polarization from field stars V < 20 - byproduct: magnetic field map

  • Makes use of PFIS field, UV sensitivity

  • a subset of candidates have broad band polarimetry, for verification of calibration

PFIS Commissioning - SSII

Proposal process and the pi tool
Proposal process and the PI tool Commissioning Science

  • I: use Phase I PI tool (telescope + instruments) to model proposed observations, define instrument configuration, generate proposal for local SAC

  • II: if approved, use Phase II tool to detail the observation, calibrations (output: instrument script) and define slitmask  "Science Database" and queue definition

  • SALT Astronomer modifies as necessary for reality, data distributed

  • PFIS to supply IRAF package for basic reductions (bias, dark, flatfield, wavelength, flux)

PFIS Commissioning - SSII