nm eld standards n.
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NM ELD Standards

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NM ELD Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NM ELD Standards. Education Secretary García states:

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nm eld standards
NM ELD Standards
  • Education Secretary García states:
    • ELD Standards developed by state taskforce of NM educators led by professional team from World Class Instructional Design and Assessment Team (WIDA) from the University of Wisconsin are official, in statute and ready to be implemented in all schools (August 31, 2009)
  • Purpose:
    • Ensure that all English Language Learners (ELL) receive best practices in ELD and core academic content area instruction
    • Ensure that the transition and implementation of the adopted ELD Standards is successful in order to close the achievement gap for all learners
new eld standards
New ELD Standards...
  • Comply with the requirements of NCLB
  • Align with state and national academic content standards (curriculum, instruction and assessment)
  • Address separate language domains and grade level clusters
  • Represent the expectations of English Language Learners to achieve academic parity with their proficient English peers
how are these eld standards different
How are these ELD Standards Different?
  • Are specific to grade levels
  • Address the separate language domains of listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Target five developmental stages in language development
  • Incorporate the necessary development of informal, social language and academic language of core content areas to achieve academic success
role of language teachers
Role of Language Teachers
  • Collaborate with mainstream teachers, in curriculum planning, co- or pre-teaching (key concepts and academic language)
  • Consult with mainstream teachers about how to scaffold and model instruction and how to assess progress in less language dependent ways ( e.g. Graphic organizers, separate grades for content/skill vs. language on assignments, etc.)
  • Teach language and content as an integrated whole
  • Begin lesson planning with standards-based goals for the content area(s) and supporting language objectives
role of classroom content teachers
Role of Classroom/Content Teachers
  • Understand that educating English Language Learners is a shared responsibility
  • Be familiar with the basics of language acquisition, how long it takes and how culture affects learning
  • Pay attention to the language of the content area
  • Know how to scaffold and model instruction and how to assess progress in less language-dependent ways
  • Work with language education teachers on a regular basis to coordinate instruction to maximize success of English Language Learners
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