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Social Infrastructure Planning Tool Project

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Social Infrastructure Planning Tool Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Infrastructure Planning Tool Project. A tool for building and shaping strong communities in the process of growth. Social Infrastructure Defined.

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social infrastructure planning tool project


A tool for building and

shaping strong communities

in the process of growth

social infrastructure defined
Social Infrastructure Defined

Those processes, programs, events, services, networks and activities that support individuals and families to meet their social and personal needs in a particular place through personal growth, social interaction, social services support and community development.

two key elements
Two key elements
  • Community connecting activities, programs, events
  • Community capacity-building programs, activities, processes
importance of networks
Importance of Networks

Personal bonding networks

  • family, close friends

Broader bridging networks

  • education, employment, clubs, volunteering

Governance networks

  • links to decision-making bodies

(Pope 2011 DPCD)


Social Isolation in the

Growth Areas

  • Residents of growth areas tend to move (far) away from their bonding, bridging and familiar governance networks
  • Lack of adequate public transport and high fuel costs make travel difficult

Social isolation amongst growth area residents is resulting in higher than average rates of

  • mental health problems
  • child developmental issues
  • family dysfunction/violence
  • Youth disengagement

Where social connection is lacking:

  • lifeless places to live where residents suffered from a range of mental health vulnerabilities

(UK New Towns)

Where social connection present:

  • have a 50 per cent greater likelihood of survival compared with those with poor or insufficient social relationships.


new town blues
New Town Blues

“There is a strong link between mental ill health and lack of social ties in a new environment.”

Goh and Bailey (2007)

sipt project
SIPT Project

To develop a strengths-based, flexible Tool to guide the building of strong connected communities by identifying for all stakeholders

  • what social infrastructure is necessary
  • when and how it should be delivered
  • and by whom.
key stakeholder involvement
Key stakeholder involvement
  • Australian Community Foundation
  • 7 Melbourne Growth Councils
  • Department of Planning and Community Development
  • Department of Human Services
  • Stockland Land Developer

Brotherhood of St Laurence

  • Department of Health
  • Lend Lease/Delfin
  • Melbourne Citymission
  • National Growth Area


  • RMIT Centre for Design
  • Scouts
  • VicHealth and GAA
literature review recommendations
Literature Review Recommendations
  • Establish a benchmark standard for funding community development and community support services
  • Develop Good Practice Guide
  • Develop a model planning framework

Principles of Planning for Social Infrastructure

  • Community engagement
  • Asset-based
  • Flexible
  • Inclusive
  • Prevention focus
  • Early delivery
  • Partnership approach
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable
  • Continuous Evaluation
victorian community wellbeing framework
Victorian Community WellbeingFramework
  • Healthy, safe, inclusive
  • Culturally rich

and vibrant

  • Democratic with

active citizens


Stage Three

  • (Capire Consulting)
  • To recommend a Governance Structure for the Project.
  • To develop a Framework for Social Infrastructure Planning in Growth Areas

To develop a Tool that will identify a benchmark standard for community development and community support program provision for the Growth Areas in the process of growth

  • An Implementation Plan that will include identifying stakeholder responsibility and possible funding sources (where available)
  • An Evaluation Plan
stage four
Stage Four

Demonstration Project (2014):

  • the Tool will be applied to a new estate (or estates) and evaluated
placemaking new zealand
Placemaking New Zealand

“What attracts people most, it appears, is other people”

thank you
Thank you

Joanne Kyrkilis

Social Policy and Projects

City of Whittlesea

On behalf of the 7 Growth Councils and the SIPT Reference Group