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Château de Cheverny. Laila Zaka. Period 3. Information about the Ch â teau.

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Château de Cheverny

Laila Zaka

Period 3

information about the ch teau
Information about the Château

Only a portion of the original fortified castle possibly remains in existence today. It is somewhat of a mystery, because to date there is no reliable way to prove whether or not a certain section is part of the original building. An ancient traveling artist captured the original castle in a drawing, but it contains no reliable landmarks, so the drawing offers no proof one way or the other.

more information
More Information...
  • When was the châteatu built?


  • For whom was the châteatu built?

*Count Hurault de Cheverny

  • For what reason was the châteatu built?

*Its design is supposedly to be a reproduction of a Luxembourg Castle in the true French style favored by both Henri IV and Louis XIII.

3 unique features of the ch teau
3 unique features of the Château
  • 1. Variety of roofing styles, from domes, to bell towers and other French-style roofs.
  • 2. A stone staircase dated 1634 carved with trophies of arms and the arts which leads to the Grand Appartements.
  • 3. A guard room with a collection of arms and armour that leads to the Chambre du Roi.
2 important events
2 Important events:

1. In 1914, the owner opened the châteauto the public.

2. The interiors were completed by the daughter of Henri Hurault and Marguerite, Marquise de Montglas, by 1650.

3. Embark on an electric boat on its canal and discover the fauna and flora of the Cheverny estate (from April to November).

3 important people
3 Important People:
  • 1. Philippe Hurault- a lieutenant general and military treasurer for Louis XI
  • 2. Hergé- used Cheverny as a model for his fictional "Château de Moulinsart“
  • 3. Cheverny’s main staircase is the work of an unknown craftsman who simply left his initials and a date on the ground floor: FL 1634.
my opinion of the ch teau
My opinion of the Château

I think the architectural floor plan is very intricate, from the white stone carvings to the endless staircases and beautiful paintings hung throughout the chateau, this castle is truly a spectacle. But because it is so enormous, i would only live there if i had a maid because i can hardly handle 6 rooms as it is.

the grand salon
The Grand Salon

The grand salon which is located on the ground floor, was decorated by Marquise de Montglas. This spectacular room consists of a portrait of Jeanne d'Aragon, from the school of Raphael and a portrait of Marie Johanne de Saumery, comtesse de Cheverny by Pierre Mignard.

39 kings room
39 Kings Room

This room shows how the king’s rooms would be decorated with such fine a fine collaboration of tapestry and designs. Due to the copious amount of rooms in a château, not every one of them was so filled like the one above.

ch teau quiz
Château quiz
  • Where is the Château de Cheverny located?

2. Who is the present owner of the Château?

3. Which castle was Cheverny’s style and architecture based on?

4. Which Belgium comic book creator used the Château in his book "Château de Moulinsart"?

  • What floor is the Grand Salon located on?
quiz answers
Quiz Answers

1. In the Loire Valley in France

2. Marquis de Vibraye

3. Luxembourg Castle

4. Hergé

5. The ground floor

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  • :Gill Rickson
  • : Aschaf