13 balloon decor for your shower celebrations n.
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13 Balloon Decor DIYs for Your Shower Celebrations - Party Zealot PowerPoint Presentation
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13 Balloon Decor DIYs for Your Shower Celebrations - Party Zealot

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13 Balloon Decor DIYs for Your Shower Celebrations - Party Zealot - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Balloons are an essential part of every party decor, give new wings to the balloons with inexpensive and home lying supplies. Searching for ideas to decorate the baby shower theme party? Then you are just at the right place because with these 13 balloons decor ideas you can plan a budget-friendly and magnificent shower party.

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13 Balloon Decor DIYs for Your Shower Celebrations - Party Zealot

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    add color with pom pom balloons an easy project

    ADD COLOR WITH POM-POM BALLOONS: An easy project to pull off able to animate your party. Take some colorful pom poms and glue and start glowing them. The results you'll get will be different and beautiful.

    realize confetti dipped balloons for a glamorous

    REALIZE CONFETTI DIPPED BALLOONS: For a glamorous sophisticated look, dip your balloons in gold foil confetti and you'll get an elegant and festive look at the same time. This craft will add a fashionable look to the decor.

    paper filled balloons can add charm grab some

    PAPER FILLED BALLOONS CAN ADD CHARM: Grab some paper confetti and put them into the clear balloons, this will trigger a shower of color in the balloon.

    simulate dream like marbled balloons fill your

    SIMULATE DREAM-LIKE MARBLED BALLOONS: Fill your balloons with paint and give them a plush look to give a trendy version to the shower party.

    use geronimo balloons if you are up for geronimo

    USE GERONIMO BALLOONS: if you are up for Geronimo balloons be sure you get a little for your event. They offer a captivating image, like no other. You can organize and decorate their tale beautifully.

    personalize your event with unique paint brushed

    PERSONALIZE YOUR EVENT WITH UNIQUE PAINT-BRUSHED BALLOONS:For modern and homemade beauty, you have to bring your skills into the picture by using balloons as a canvas to obtain graphics and authentic results.

    cover balloons with stars you can use washi tape

    COVER BALLOONS WITH STARS:You can use washi tape to bring out something unique. This tape is a great companion which will help you with DIY endeavors.

    create little hot air balloon installations grab

    CREATE LITTLE HOT AIR BALLOON INSTALLATIONS: Grab paper cups filled with sweets anchored to colorful balloons to create a hot air balloon for your baby shower to give an insanely smart and spectacular presentation.

    create a garland with glitter balloons take small

    CREATE A GARLAND WITH GLITTER BALLOONS:Take small balloons dipped in glitter to give a wow factor to the party and welcome your guests to festive outdoor.

    create insanely beautiful donut styled balloons

    CREATE INSANELY BEAUTIFUL DONUT-STYLED BALLOONS:In this design, tissue paper and paint have been used along with colorful sweet accents which is a mesmerizing craft and give the decor a different and unique look.

    add fresh fruity balloons grab colorful cardboard

    ADD FRESH FRUITY BALLOONS:Grab colorful cardboard to complement different balloons into a beautiful fruit garland

    add glam with gold splatter balloons addition

    ADD GLAM WITH GOLD-SPLATTER BALLOONS:Addition of Metallic paint on matte elements is a great idea. It can condiment your white balloons in an artsy manner.

    simulate huge dreams with lollipop balloons

    SIMULATE HUGE DREAMS WITH LOLLIPOP BALLOONS:A splendid welcome for the guests can take the shape of a stylish and unique lollipop, the dream of many children. A simple colorful balloon can help you in this attempt.

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