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The Parts in Your Laptop That Can Malfunction

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The Parts in Your Laptop That Can Malfunction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A laptop, like any other, is just a machine, no matter how the manufacturer advertises it. It has a tolerance limit beyond which it cannot withstand a beating. Read more.\n

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A laptop, like any other, is just a machine, no matter how the manufacturer advertises it. It has a tolerance limit

beyond which it cannot withstand a beating. Popular brands that manufacture tough machine (which even NASA

uses) aren’t tough enough to withstand tsunamis or earthquakes. In essence, if it is a machine, then it WILL

malfunction at some point in its life. For that, you have to be in the knowledge of the basic parts that your laptop has

that have a high probably of failing before anything else.

The first part that you need to know about is the battery. Without this your laptop will have no purpose for

existence, as this is the only thing that makes your laptop a “lap-top”. The life of your battery is counted in terms of

“charging cycles”, which means that it can function optimally until a certain number of times that charging is done.

An average number is around one thousand cycles for Dell laptops, beyond which almost all batteries start losing

their charge length. Dell laptop batteries are available through official service centres. These service centres are

present almost everywhere. In places where there are no service centres (in remote locations) you can avail these

batteries through online third parties. There is no reason of stressing over whether or not they are genuine, because

more often than not they are. They may even be available to you for far less than what you would be paying to the

official store.

The second most obvious part to go wrong in your laptop will probably have to be the trackpad/keyboard. Let’s face

it, we all like to drink coffee while working, and our hands slip all the time. Dell is yet to make a machine of the

standard of Tony Stark, so Dell computer repair will need to be on the speed dial for coffee-holics. Spill-proof

keyboards function well enough to a certain extent, but they do not prevent the trackpad from going wrong. Either

you could change your coffee habits, or you could just change your trackpad every time (changing the trackpad is


The third part you need to care for is your screen. If you’re in the habit of stuffing things in your laptop bag as you

go, it is highly probable that your screen breaks with pressure. Again, it is a delicate laptop, not Captain America’s

shield. Care is needed. Dell laptop screen repair is perhaps the most commonly available service, through website

mode or repair shops.

If, somehow you demand too much from your machine, something like the laptop fan or the hard disk gives in, then

you’ll be in need of a full-fledged repair. Dell laptop parts are available by model number, and your malfunctioning

laptop part can be replaced with the exact same thing available on these third party websites/stores. For way less

money than you would pay at the official store.

To know more about laptop parts for Dell, visit


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