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Sep. 21, 2006

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v. FME Worldwide User Conference - Vancouver. Sep. 21, 2006. Geomatics and FME from a Corporate Perspective Nadia Shahriari Namini – City of Calgary, Alberta. City of Calgary. Population ~ 1,000,000 22,583 growth last year Area - 286 square miles and growing Hosted 1988 Winter Olympics

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Sep. 21, 2006

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FME Worldwide User Conference - Vancouver

Sep. 21, 2006

Geomatics and FME from a Corporate Perspective

Nadia Shahriari Namini – City of Calgary, Alberta

city of calgary
City of Calgary
  • Population ~ 1,000,000
  • 22,583 growth last year
  • Area - 286 square miles and growing
  • Hosted 1988 Winter Olympics
  • Home of the Calgary Stampede
  • Alberta’s main industries are oil, gas and cattle
the city of calgary municipal government
The City of CalgaryMunicipal Government
  • City Council
    • Mayor and 14 Aldermen
  • Municipal Administration
    • City Manager, 6 Major Departments, 27 Business Units
    • 11,733 Employees
gis analysis
GIS Analysis
  • Provides data conversion/GIS analysis services to numerous IT projects and Business Unit clients
  • Responsible for loading and QA of numerous datasets to Corporate SDE (~350 SDE layers)
gis analysis cont
GIS Analysis (Cont.)
  • Numerous technologies:

FME, ArcGIS, ArcSDE, AML, Pro-C, PL/SQL, …

  • Batch jobs: nightly, weekly, monthly,…
  • Ad-hoc processes

Calgary Transit


Water Services

Water Resources





Trans. Planning

Urban Development



Development & Building


Information Technology

LIM- Infrastructure Information



Quality Assurance

Data Schema



of more than 350

Corporate SDE layers


Data Integration/Conversion

GIS Analysis


Data Conversion Consultation

Data Translations / Transformations


GIS Analysis

sde layers
SDE Layers
  • 56 Legal Survey Fabric (LSF) Layers
  • 10 Ownership Parcel Fabric (OPF) Layers
  • 2 Address POSSE Layers
  • 44 Digital Aerial Survey (DAS) Layers
  • 6 Road Network (RoadNet) Layers
  • 42 Waterworks Layers
  • 16 Sanitary Layers
  • 26 Storm Layers
  • 15 Layers for Transit/Transportation
  • 14 Layers for Calgary Parks
  • 5 Layers for Calgary Fire
  • 7 Layers for Calgary Police
  • 31 Layers for Calgary Census
  • 8 Layers for Calgary Schools
  • …..
example projects
Example Projects
  • Trip Planning Application
  • Street Lighting Enterprise Geodatabase
  • Permitted Use Building Envelope Analysis
  • Open Space GIS Analysis
  • Parks Asset Management
  • Waterworks and Wastewater Asset Management
  • …..
waterworks and wastewater asset management
Waterworks and Wastewater Asset Management
  • Waterworks: a multi-million dollar public utility that manages all aspects of the water treatment and delivery process for The City of Calgary.
  • Wastewater: responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of two separate collection systems:
    • Storm drainage system: helps prevent flooding by diverting rain and snow melt.
    • Sanitary system: protects public health and the environment by collecting and treating wastewater from residences, schools, hospitals, businesses, and industries.
waterworks and wastewater asset management14
Waterworks and Wastewater Asset Management
  • Source data sets:
    • MicroStation Design files (387 sections)
    • Oracle database (about 100 tables)
  • Destination data sets:
    • 39 Water Works SDE layers
    • 14 Sanitary SDE layers
    • 24 Storm SDE layers




Database Schemas

waterworks and wastewater asset management17

Old process:



DGN files

AML Scripts


SDE layers

Oracle DB

New process:

DGN files


SDE layers

Oracle DB

Waterworks and Wastewater Asset Management
waterworks and wastewater asset management18

FME Processes

Destination Data Sets

Source Data Sets

  • Data filtering
  • Data Integration
  • DB tables Join
  • DB to DGN Join
  • Geometric Operations
  • Linear Referencing
  • Data Manipulation
  • Overlay Analysis
Waterworks and Wastewater Asset Management
utilized fme tools
Utilized FME Tools
  • 4 Filtering Transformers: Perform tests on feature geometry/attribute and route the features to different ports.
  • 9 Geometric Transformers: Operate on the geometry of individual features /groups of features.
  • 9 String Transformers: Operate on character strings.
  • 1 Linear Referencing Transformers: Create and apply measure related information onto the geometry.
  • 3 Collector Transformers: Operate on collections of features at a time.
utilized fme tools cont
Utilized FME Tools (Cont.)
  • 8 Manipulator Transformers: Modify the geometry/attribute of individual features.
  • 2 Database Transformers: Allow interactions with external databases.
  • 6 Infrastructure Transformers: Interaction with the underlying FME engine facilities.
  • 6 Calculator Transformers: Calculate a value and supply it to a new attribute.
  • 8 List Transformers: Operate on FME attribute lists.
  • FME Workspaces:
    • 20 for Water Works
    • 16 for Sanitary
    • 20 for Storm
  • Batch files: 3 batch files
  • Running time: ~10 hrs.
    • Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80 GHz 2.00 GB of RAM
  • Output Data sets: 77 SDE layers
  • Backward Compatibility (with older versions)
  • Line-linked vs. Point-linked Annotation
  • StringReplacer and StringPairReplacer
  • Help Document
  • Data cleaning (MRFCleaner transformer)
what do we like about fme
What Do We Like about FME?
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to document
  • Data Integration from Multiple sources
  • Multiple Destination datasets
  • No intermediate data sets required
  • Complex spatial and non-spatial analysis all in a single FME workspace
  • QA/QC processes
  • Batch mode
  • Safe Software Support
  • FUN …
what is best practice
What is Best Practice?

For us best practice is the ability to use FME in the most effective and efficient manner; in other words to be organized, to share resources and to consider our fellow FME users.

shareable fme files
Shareable FME Files
  • Workspaces (and mapping files)………………..…………*.fmw / *.fme
  • Custom Transformers……………………………………………….*.fmx
  • Custom Formats…………………………………………………………*.fds
  • Custom Coordinate Systems……………………………………*.* (*.fme)
  • Transformer Categories……………………………………………*.fmxlist
shared custom transformers
Shared Custom Transformers

A custom transformer is simply a combination of regular transformers fused together.

In a single stroke it lets us re-use a set of components and tidy up our cluttered workspaces.

Most importantly, Custom Transformers can be shared for use amongst many users.

DEMO: Creating and sharing a Custom Transformer

shared resource folders
Shared Resource Folders

Shared Resource Folders are exactly what they say – centralized locations where resources can be stored for access by many.

This explorer screenshot shows a setup for sharing both common and project-specific FME resources.

DEMO: Sharing through a Shared Resource Folder

other sharing functionality
Other Sharing Functionality
  • Password Protection
  • Published Parameters
  • Relative Paths
  • Spatial ETL Server

DEMO: Setting published parameters on running a password protected workspace

  • Best Practice for sharing resources means…
  • Re-use workspace sections using Custom Transformers
  • Use Shared Resource Directories for instant sharing and updating
  • Publish Parameters to enable local settings changes
  • Add Passwords to protect resources from unwanted changes