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SEA WALL (Madurai- Dhanushkodi Road –NH49). GABION BOX. SEA WALL (Madurai- Dhanushkodi Road –NH49).

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SEA WALL (Madurai- Dhanushkodi Road –NH49)



SEA WALL (Madurai- DhanushkodiRoad –NH49)


SEA WALL (Madurai- Dhanushkodi Road –NH49)


SEA WALL (Madurai- Dhanushkodi Road –NH49)


SEA WALL (Madurai- Dhanushkodi Road –NH49)


SEA WALL (Madurai- Dhanushkodi Road –NH49)


SEA WALL (Madurai- Dhanushkodi Road –NH49)


SEA WALL (Madurai- Dhanushkodi Road –NH49)


SEA WALL (Madurai- Dhanushkodi Road –NH49)

applications of geosynthetics in national highways project
Applications of Geosynthetics in National Highways Project

1.Construction of Sea wall in Madurai- Dhanushkodi Road-(NH-49)

Construction Method

The sea wall is constructed to avoid erosion of the existing road with the following provisions.


Geotextile layer is spread on the sloped ground.

  • Filter layer of 30 cm thick using granite stones is laid over Geotextile grid (made up of polypropylene polymer) to a length of 18m perpendicular to the road.
  • Core layer of 50cm thick using granite stones weighing 50kg-125kg is laid.
  • Over that, Armour layer of 100cm thick using the Granite stones weighing 400kg-500kg is laid.

Gabion Boxes of size 1.0x1.0x1.0m is placed at the toe (sea side). This Gabion box is manufactured using 9mm dia polypropylene rope 4 strand woven joint.

  • Gabion Box of size 1.0mx1.0mx1.0m and 0.5mx0.5mx0.5m is placed on the top of wall to break the high tides if any.
2 construction of abandoned stretch of nh 49 for 5 0km length km183 2 188 2
2.Construction of abandoned stretch of NH 49 for 5.0km Length(km183/2-188/2)

Marooned city

  • About 5km road is completely washed away in 1964 cyclone. The entire town Dhanushkodi was totally marooned. only the head post office and the church were left as the monuments. No habitations there upto 1990.

There after, day by day people and fishermen started living at Dhanushkodi and they are using the four wheeler jeeps and van to travel on the sandy bed.


Dhanushkodi is the only holy place in south india and people are performing the last rites of their deceased parents.

  • Hence, it is highly necessitated to reconstruct the missing link of 5.0km length.

Gabion boxes as shown in the picture are provided on both sides of the embankment.

  • Geotextile layer is placed on the inner side of the gabion boxes to avoid the sea water entering into the pavement.
  • This geotex layer also protect the pavement from the tidal actions.