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Customer Dialogue

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Customer Dialogue
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Customer Dialogue

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  1. Customer Dialogue By: Baily Paulus

  2. Argumentative • Impatient • Leave-me-alone • Irritable/Moody • Insulting • Complaining • Domineering/Superior Customers • Suspicious Customers • Slow/Methodical Customers • Dishonest Customers Types of difficult customers

  3. Argumentative: Ask simple, polite questions • Impatient: Agree first on common points • Leave-me-alone: Be Patient, give them space • Irritable/Moody: Be positive • Insulting: Be neutral, especially with your body language • Complaining: Respect their thoughts, listen actively Guidelines

  4. Domineering/Superior Customers: Let them have their say, compliment them • Suspicious Customers: Explain and demonstrate good service • Slow/Methodical: Be sure not to overwhelm, give them space and simply choices • Dishonest Customers: Don’t jump to quick conclusions or accusations Guidelines

  5. Guideline- Understand and respect what the customers are thinking. Your job is to help them overcome obstacles that prevent them from trusting you and your company. Keep in mind, also, that when you work for and represent a company, you are that company to your customers. • Complaining customers, deep down, often question the value of everything. Complaining Customer

  6. I was at Wal-Mart. It was a normal day when I saw a store worker and a customer talking. The customer didn’t look very happy. The customer was in the electronics. The store worker went up to him and asked if he needed any help. The customer was looking at an IPod touch. Situation

  7. Worker: “Sir, do you need any help finding any thing or would you like to see something.” Customer: “Yes, can I see this iPod.” Worker: “Yes, let me get that for you.” Customer:“If I get this would I be getting my moneys worth? I don’t think this price is worth this iPod.” Dialogue

  8. Worker: “Yes, this iPod is very nice. It has lots of features and you can do a lot on it. You can also put lots of stuff on it too.” Customer: “Am I being taken advantage of?” Worker: “No, sir.” Customer: “What is the difference between the 8, 16, and 32 gigabits.” Dialogue

  9. Worker: “ The 32 gigabits can hold more stuff that you want to put on it. The 16 holds a little less, and the 8 holds the least. Do you think you will be putting a lot of stuff on it?” Customer: “Yes, why wouldn’t I.” Worker: “Then I would probably get the 32 or the 16 gigabits.” Dialogue

  10. Customer: “I would like to buy the 32 gigabits.” Worker: “Okay, I can help you over here.” Customer: “Are you sure this is worth it?” Worker: “Yes, sir this is a very good iPod.” Dialogue

  11. Pictures

  12. Calm • Observe • Needs • Think • Reassuring • Opportunity • Listen Control