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#Feiyu Tech DSLR Gimbal For a2000 DVOOZ PowerPoint Presentation
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#Feiyu Tech DSLR Gimbal For a2000 DVOOZ

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#Feiyu Tech DSLR Gimbal For a2000 DVOOZ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Many time users wants to one of the greatest Gimbals camera which really helps them creating very smooth video and photography but they have not found this types of cameras then they totally confuse what is the best option for creating videos and photography then just calm down and come at DVOOZ , here you get best 3 axis DSLR Gimbal camera and at all which you want. dvooz Gives you many types of products . nFor more Information you can click on this following link and get products which you want :-

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#Feiyu Tech DSLR Gimbal For a2000 DVOOZ

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its not an unknown fact for all the inspiring

Its not an unknown fact for all the inspiring photographers that to succeed in the photography business a consumer grade camera gimbal is a must to have gear in their photography kit. It helps the person behind the camera to take some exceptionally smooth videos which the built-in stabilization fails to do. With all the advantages that it offers to a videographer a massive growth in its demands is kind of self-explanatory. This is why various companies have came out with their own model of DSLR gimbal to fulfil the requirement that an enthusiast photographer is looking for. One such name among the group of big brands is the Feiyu Tech, a China based company known for manufacturing high quality gimbals at a very reasonable rate.

having a wide range of gimbal from each category

Having a wide range of Gimbal from each category i.e. smartphone, action camera and DSLR/Mirrorless camera, Feiyu Tech has proved its competency in the 3-Axis Gimbal department. However, with A2000, the 3-axis DSLR Gimbal it has shown the industry that good things don’t comes with high prize. Feiyu Tech A2000 is a 3-axis handheld gimbal which is powerful enough to stabilize 2kg of camera gear without breaking your bank balance. Compared to others like DJI and Zhiyun, Feiyu Tech gives you the most affordable option along with all the standard advantage like compatibility with wide range of full frame DSLR camera and weight of just 1.1 kg. Believe us, what made a gimbal reliable is its weight that one has to carry whole day and its compatibility and in both department A2000 has set a benchmark among the others. The Feiyu Tech A2000 boast a full lightweight aluminium construction which never fails to give a premium look. It comes with a durable packaging which consist of all the necessary thing including 4 powerful Li-Ion rechargeable battery. These are of regular shape and size, so that user can conveniently purchase more of them whenever needed.

below we are mentioning all the features that

Below we are mentioning all the features that one would be getting from the most incredible FeiyuTech A2000. Do go through it, as it will help you make an informed decision

the very first thing that one considers before

The very first thing that one considers before purchasing a DSLR Gimbal is its compatibility with their camera. With an impressive payload of 2000g and a convenient sliding arm Feiyu Tech A2000 is proficient to stabilized all the major cameras known in the market (like Canon 5D Mark III (with standard lens), SONY A7RII / ILCE-7R / ILCE-5100, Panasonic LUMIX GH4/GH5, SONY NEX-5N/NEX-7) of the particular dimension. The balancing procedure simply adapt itself to work with different weight without changing any parameter settings.

feiyu tech has always been known

Feiyu Tech has always been known for its innovation with every product they introduce in the market. A2000 is no different, it has an innovative and high-performance chip that makes the gimbal work perfectly in every condition. The new optimization algorithm that it comes with ensures a 45° elevation design at rolling axis which further guarantees stability.

feiyu tech a2000 is a smart 3 axis handheld dslr

Feiyu Tech A2000 is a smart 3-axis handheld DSLR gimbal which is integrated with joystick and control button for giving an enhanced experience. In turn it let users to hold the Gimbal in different position like standing, inverted, frontal, reversed, high position and low position. It is in short, a complete Gimbal that enable users to use it freely 360° in all the three-axis pan, tilt and roll.

the trademark which set apart feiyutech a2000

The trademark which set apart FeiyuTech A2000 from rest is it simple control option that one gets from it. It comes with a built-in Bluetooth that gets easily connected with your smartphone using the Feiyu ON app, with which user can easily operate the gimbal. As discussed already, Feiyu Tech comes with a 4-way joystick control technology that makes controlling the DSLR gimbal smooth and convenient. The handle not only brings in intuitive joystick option but it also consists of several functional buttons like shutter button, trigger button and function button. Once the user gets along with their functioning it can take your videography experience to the next level.

a dslr gimbal brings in a wide approach that

A DSLR gimbal brings in a wide approach that how you want to see your work. Its uses simply don’t resist to a single or double hand operation, but with the help of 9 ¼ inch thread user can easily attach number of accessories one at a time like tripod, LED lights, monitor, etc. easily. This enhance the user experience and gives them wide options to make their videos more creative and stunning.

feiyu tech has been breaking the trend with

Feiyu Tech has been breaking the trend with its reliable and affordable gimbal. One such factor that makes A2000 a reliable DSLR gimbal is its powerful battery. It comes with 2 pairs of Li-Ion 18650 batteries that gives users a 12 hour of run-time in ideal condition. In short it offers users a decent battery life, where they won’t find themselves needing to recharge in the middle of the day.

nevertheless like every other mechanical gear

Nevertheless, like every other mechanical gear it does have its own cons, but the good thing is this thing does what is says on the box. We have been testing this gear a lot and what we have found is it has done some pretty impressive job for us. We paired up this gear with one of the Sony Alpha series camera and the results were outstanding it has easily stabilized all the shots without any issues. But what makes A2000 different from the likes of DJI Ronin and Zhiyun crane is that how easily one can operate it.

for a gear of price below 35k including a durable

For a gear of price below 35K, including a durable carry case, double hand grip, an extra pair of batteries and cables to connect several cameras, the Feiyu Tech A2000 is comparatively a cheap providing easy and effective stabilization option to add to your video production gear.

globein trading private limited is a leading

Globein Trading Private Limited  is a leading company dealing in all photo imaging industry and serving the complete need of photographic fraternity from last 10 years.

globein trading private limited was founded

Globein Trading Private Limitedwas founded by Mr. Harmeet Singh, a visionary business man from Delhi, focusing on need of photographers in complete aspect including photographic and cinematographic field.

globein trading private limited is focused

Globein Trading Private Limitedis focused on providing high quality, reliable and cost effective equipment to the photographic industry with a core objective of Precision, Quality and Excellence.

globein trading pvt ltd is one of the biggest

Globein Trading Pvt Ltd  is one of the biggest supplier in photography and imaging industry in India, which is providing all types of photography equipmentlike, Strobe lights, Battery operated flash heads, light modifiers, camera Flashes, LED video lights, Flash triggers, Camera accessories, Camera lenses, Flash controllers, and handle gimbal and all other cinematographic equipment also.

product we are authorized sole distributor

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we have a professional team who committed

We have a professional team who committed to providing low price, high quality products and services to all customers and resolve all the queries regarding our products and services. It’s good news for all customers who want to buy any types of photographic equipment or Accessories kindly place your order through our website or contact and call us +91-84689-84689.

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