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Female Nude with a Dog PowerPoint Presentation
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Female Nude with a Dog

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Female Nude with a Dog
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Female Nude with a Dog

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  1. FemaleNudewithaDog ImageResource:Oil Painting Reprodutions–Artisoo.com AmongCourbet'sallunlimitedtalents,themostexceptionalwasthathecould turnbarbaricaffairsintoelegantpaintings.Andthesepaintingstightly grippedoureyes,andgotaspaceinthewesternpaintingaltar.Forexample, thisthemewassovulgarandfrivolous,drawingaplumpnudesittingonthe groundandfalselyteasingherpoodle.Herleftarmhelditsfluffymeltback andhermouthwasreadytokissthedog.ItalianpainterTitianhadpainted numerousnudeswhobravelyfellinlovewithdifferentgods.Althoughthe godsappearedindifferentformsliketheangel,theswanorthebull,itwould neverbeapoodle. Ontheotherside, Courbet wasregardedastheregeneration of Jean-Honore Fragonard who was a French painter in 18thcentury. Fragonard was good at showing the Rococo art themes, such as the girl that happily playing with the dog. Therefore, Courbet's works had also been classified as the Rococo revival which was popular in second Reich period. Such revival also influencedRenoir ad Monetwho changed the old pastoral and pure landscape style into the contemporary French style painting. ButCourbetstill adhered to grasping the most popular portrait style and

  2. presented favorable evidence to those former generationartists.Infact,the actress's face and body was not the standard beauty-Venus which was traditionally accepted. Courbet took his friend Leontine Renaud as the model. Her brown hair was fleeciness and messy, with a fat body and dark grey color tone. Courbet mocked all the beauty standards both from ancient and modern and replaced it by the real and sensible scene in real life. The last vulgar reveal was that she tilted her toes and showed the light orange feet board, like turning the beautiful naked statues of Ingres and Cabanel into the original clay prototype. Artisoo Oil Painting Blog Reference: http://www.artisoo.com/OilPaintingBlog/female-nude-with-a-dog/