when you have tremor you have difficulty n.
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What Is Tremor And How Can It Be Treated? - Parkinson's Disease Specialist PowerPoint Presentation
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What Is Tremor And How Can It Be Treated? - Parkinson's Disease Specialist

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What Is Tremor And How Can It Be Treated? - Parkinson's Disease Specialist - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tremor may start as a very small shaking of the hands or legs, which can be neglected. But, if not attended to, it may lead to ailments like Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor. Make sure you know everything about tremor.\nRead more at: https://goo.gl/HbcEWw

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when you have tremor you have difficulty

When you have tremor, you have difficulty in performing everyday tasks. And, when

tremor increases to a greater stage, you won't even be in the position to carry out even the

simplest of tasks like getting dressed, holding your cup of tea, or picking up utensils! This is

why it is better to consult a doctor at the earliest if you are seeing any kind of tremor

symptoms in your body, so that it can be taken care of right away, without giving it time to

amplify. There are two ways in which you can treat tremor – medications and surgery. It is

best if you leave the decision for the doctor to decide as to which treatment will be better

for you.

To make it easier for you to identify, analyze, and treat tremor, here are some of the most

common questions asked about the ailment, along with appropriate answers for the same.

What is tremor?

Tremor is the involuntary movement of the muscles of the body involving to-and-fro

movements of one or more parts of the body. When you are at rest, this kind of movement

may not be there but it will come up just

may not be there, but it will come up just as you try to do something. The most commonly

affected parts are hands, arms, and legs.

What causes tremor?

Tremor could be caused by traumatic brain injury, stroke, neurodegenerative diseases

affected the brain, and multiple sclerosis. Other causes could be addiction to drugs or

alcohol. Tremor could also be possible due to heredity.

Who should you approach?

As soon as a tremor is identified, you must approach an experienced neurologist or

neurosurgeon for treatment. You will be first given some medications if you are at the

initial stages. However, if even after medications, you still have a tremor that interferes

with your daily activities, you will be advised to undergo a surgery.

an internationally recognized neurologist, who is an expert in diagnosing and treating

Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, you must approach him to have yourself undergo the

best tremor treatment in Bangalore.

Dr. Shivam Mittal


What treatments are available?

Medication – The first and foremost treatment for the initial stages of tremor is medication.

Patients are treated with Syndopa, Tidomet (carbidopa+levodopa), or dopamine agonist

like pramipexole, ropinirole, and rotigotine.

Deep brain stimulation – Deep brain stimulation, a USA-FDA approved treatment, is what

comes next. This treatment involves implementing electrodes in the patient’s brain (on the

thalamus), and attaching those electrodes to a pacemaker using wires that can run a

current into the brain to suppress the tremor. This is a surgery performed on patients

having Parkinson’s disease.

MR-guided Focused Ultrasound – Another treatment is the MR-guided Focused Ultrasound,

wherein a focused beam ultrasound is delivered in an MRI machine to make a gash in the

brain; the procedure being known as “ablation”. This is also done on the thalamus.

however this treatment is implemented when

However, this treatment is implemented when patients suffer from essential tremor, which

is faster than the tremor of Parkinson’s disease, and affects the head and voice.

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