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New York City SmartLipo - Manhattan SmartLipo in New York PowerPoint Presentation
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New York City SmartLipo - Manhattan SmartLipo in New York

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New York City SmartLipo - Manhattan SmartLipo in New York - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New York SmartLipo - The only plastic surgery group in New York City, dedicated primarily to SmartLipo laser liposuction; experienced Manhattan surgeons.

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park avenue smart lipo
Park Avenue Smart Lipo™

Premier plastic surgery



New York City

park avenue smart lipo1
Park Avenue Smart Lipo™

Improve Your Body Contour and Appearance

park avenue smart lipo2
Park Avenue Smart Lipo™

FDA approved laser liposuction system

park avenue smart lipo3
Park Avenue Smart Lipo™

Successful Fat

Reduction and Body Toning

park avenue smart lipo4
Park Avenue Smart Lipo™

SmartLipo at Park Avenue for a Toned Well Contoured Body

park avenue smart lipo5
Park Avenue Smart Lipo™

Minimally Invasive Laser Aided Lipolysis for the successful removal of surplus body fat

park avenue smart lipo6
Park Avenue Smart Lipo™

Safer Than Traditional Liposuction Performed

park avenue smart lipo7
Park Avenue Smart Lipo™

Improved Aesthetic Outcome with Minimal Risks

park avenue smart lipo8
Park Avenue Smart Lipo™

Treat Localized

Pockets of Fat From

• Waist or (love handles)

• Chin

• Inner/outer thighs

• Hips

• Abdomen

• Upper arms

• Knees

• Male breasts

park avenue smart lipo9
Park Avenue Smart Lipo™

We use the SmartLipo MPX with SmartSense and Thermister features.

park avenue smart lipo10
Park Avenue Smart Lipo™

Cynosure’s Exclusive SmartLipo Training Facility in Manhattan

park avenue smart lipo11
Park Avenue Smart Lipo™

To schedule an appointment

Call Us @ 1-888-869-2762

Toll Free : 1888-8-NYCSMARTLIPO

Visit Us At

128 Central Park South,

New York, NY 10019, US.

park avenue smart lipo12
Park Avenue Smart Lipo™

Thank You

Visit Us At