the fastest most reliable way to do business
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The fastest, most reliable way to do business.

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The fastest, most reliable way to do business. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The fastest, most reliable way to do business. Did you pay too much for your last conference call?. Try We provide quality service at unbelievably low rates. Just ask some of our clients: Business Wire FamilyMeds Broad Street TalkPoint National Multiple Sclerosis Society

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did you pay too much for your last conference call
Did you pay too much for your last conference call?

Try We provide quality service at unbelievably low rates. Just ask some of our clients:

Business Wire


Broad Street


National Multiple Sclerosis Society

American Diabetes Association

National Alliance of HUD

ARINC Incorporated

Hudson United Bank



about quickconnect com
  • is a leading provider of audio, video and web conferencing solutions. We are committed to providing the highest level of quality services for the fast paced environment of corporate America.
  • utilizes cutting edge technology to meet the demands of today’s highly competitive market. Time is money, and for this reason’s focus is on real time needs.
changes in the industry
Changes in the Industry
  •’s business model has us poised to remain competitive as the conferencing market changes.
  • We are able to offer our incredibly low rates because our automated to high touch ratio is 95% to 5% respectively. Other conferencing companies’ business models are geared for the reverse. Although we maintain adequate staffing, we do not have excess operators sitting around waiting for their next high touch call.

“We are committed to being an integral part of our clients’ business day by consistently providing the highest level of real time services coupled with cutting edge technology.”

the quick difference
The Quick Difference has built it’s reputation on being able to conform to our client’s needs quickly. We allow our clients the flexibility of customizable platforms. From audio conferencing to web conferencing to billing, your dedicated team will work with you until your needs are met.

dedicated team
Dedicated Team
  • Your account is assigned a 4 person dedicated staff

- 2 Operators/ Client Care Reps

- 1 Technician

- 1 Sales Rep

  • This enables our clients to have limited points of contact for ease of conducting business with us. Your team is able to answer all of your questions, from conference calling to billing.
operators client care
Operators/ Client Care
  • Dedicated operators are familiar with all the details of your account
  • Run calls
  • Take reservations
  • Send participant lists
  • Answer all conferencing questions
  • Answer all billing questions
  • We empower our operators to provide your everyday conferencing needs without having to take your requests to the next level.
  • Dedicated technician is also familiar with all the details of your account
  • Set up all web conferencing accounts
  • Set up all video conferencing accounts
  • Set up all web streaming programs
  • Answer all web and video conferencing questions
sales rep
Sales Rep
  • Dedicated sales rep is familiar with all the details of your account
  • Answer all pricing and availability questions
  • Coordinates all aspects of the account to ensure a smooth transition to our service
automated conferencing
Automated Conferencing

When speed and convenience’s automated 24x7 reservationless conferencing gives you the power to quickly initiate conference calls at any time, from anywhere, without operator assistance. Easy to set up and use, automated reservationless conferencing provides a convenient and cost effective communications tool, supported by a dependable network, with instant access to an operator if needed.

automated conferencing cont
Automated Conferencing cont.

Powerful features that will enhance your automated conference call

  • Record call for playback or CD
  • Participant entry/exit notification
  • Conference security options to lock your meeting
  • Roll call
  • Digit entry for your billing convenience
  • Pincode access
  • Chairperson dial out feature
  • Separate moderator passcode for additional security
  • Any time, anywhere availability
operator assisted
Operator Assisted
  • High touch operators ensure that your call occurs as requested
  • No set up fees or monthly charges-you pay only for the time used
  • Customized announcements
  • Moderator sub-conference
  • Customized participant list
  • Listen only mode
  • Call options- dial in/dial out
  • Call recording for CD, tape, web streaming or digital replay
  • Q & A and polling at no additional charge
audio conferencing ancillary services
Audio Conferencing Ancillary Services

Our Audio conferencing service may be coupled with some of our ancillary services to enhance the power of your message.

  • Customized participant list (Attended or Pincode only)
  • CD or .WAV File
  • Pre-Notification
  • Digital Replay
  • Transcription
  • Blast e-mail
  • Fax on Demand
  • Web Streaming
audio conferencing complimentary services
Audio Conferencing Complimentary Services
  • Dedicated Passcode
  • Music Hold
  • Private Label
  • Reservation Confirmation
  • Roll Call
  • Customized Announcements
  • Teleconference Training/ Web Conference Training
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Q & A Service
web conferencing
Web Conferencing
  • Simultaneous web conference and audio conference
  • Multiple platform support
  • Document, spreadsheet, presentation and application sharing
  • Web tour within the web interface
  • File uploads, downloads and direct transfers
  • Polling and chat functions
  • Multiple host controls
  • Real time participant lists
  • “Private Label” options to support corporate branding
  • Remote computer access
  • Whiteboard
  • Archiving
  • Firewall friendly
  • 24/7 availability
web conferencing cont
Web Conferencing cont….
  • Secure- Passcode protected
  • Reliable
  • Customizable
  • Scalable- Up to 500 simultaneous users
  • Accessible- Access for dial-up and network connections
  • Ease of Use- One time download of less than 3MB
  • Flexible- Works with Macintosh, Windows, Solaris, Linux and any desktop application without conflicts
video conferencing
Video Conferencing

Video Teleconferencing is a collaboration among geographically dispersed people via real-time video. Video conferencing isn't new. Expensive, room-sized systems have existed for years. What is new is that current generation of video conferencing technology has downsized these large systems into inexpensive, desktop units.

video conferencing equipment
Video Conferencing Equipment
  • Desktop Systems - This is the newest and least expensive option. An individual can sit at a desk, hear and see the other participants, and share documents. For a basic desktop system you would need a PC, additional hardware and software, a camera, and a telephone. Desktop systems support both point-to-point conferences as well as multipoint conferences.
  • Video Phones - This is a simple way to participate. Video phones consist of one unit which includes a camera, a telephone dial-pad, a handset, and a video display. Video phones are compact, easy to use, and inexpensive compared to desktop and room systems. Video phones may be used for point-to-point as well as multipoint conferencing.
  • Room Systems - If you want to transmit from a large room where many people are gathered together (ex. a conference room), you might consider this option. A room system generally contains high quality video screens, cameras, speakers, and equipment to control the camera angle, focus and zoom. These facilities may be installed on a rolling cart ("Rollabout"). If you decide not to purchase equipment, you can rent a public video conference room with equipment already set up.
video conferencing cont
Video Conferencing Cont…
  • Assisted/ unassisted service
  • Dial in/ dial out/ combination
  • Roll call
  • Lecture mode
  • Voice activated mode
  • Lecture mode with continuous presence
  • Continuous presence
  • Multiple screen displays (dual view to sixteen view)
video conferencing cont22
Video Conferencing Cont…
  • Site testing
  • Conference monitoring
  • Volume control
  • Multilingual operator assistance
  • Operator recall
  • Automatic roll call
  • Audio delay control
  • Site captions
  • Sub-conference
  • Conference messaging
quickconnect com
  • is a one stop center for your audio, web and video conferencing needs. We are truly dedicated to ensuring that each and every call you make is as perfect as possible.