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Symbols. Catcher in the Rye. What is a symbol. According to Wikipedia, a symbol is: an object , a picture , A written word , A sound , or particular mark These represent something else by association, resemblance, or convention. What is a symbol?.

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Catcher in the Rye

what is a symbol
What is a symbol
  • According to Wikipedia, a symbol is:
  • an object,
  • a picture,
  • A written word,
  • A sound,
  • or particular mark
  • These represent something else by association, resemblance, or convention.
what is a symbol1
What is a symbol?
  • A symbol stands for some greater idea.
  • What do the following symbols stand for?
symbols in literature
Symbols in Literature
  • Where can we recognize symbols in a piece of literature?
    • Check the title!
    • A frequently repeated item or idea.
    • An item that is described in detail.
  • In your group, identify the symbol
  • Discuss what you think the symbol means
  • Ask for help if you’re not sure
symbol 1 the museum
Symbol 1: The Museum
  • . It represents his past
  • It reminds him of the good times he had in his childhood
  • The times he had company and felt loved
  • The museum is one of the few places where he can still go and he will feel nostalgic
  • He goes there and wishes he could go back in times
  • Time of happiness and innocence
  • He is scared of changes
  • He doesn’t want to realize that his childhood is over
  • All his family members have their own separate lives now and he is trying to find his path in life
symbol 2 hat
Symbol 2: Hat
  • .Comfort-insecurity
  • Difference-cool
  • Scare
  • Not want to grow up
symbol 3 jane
Symbol 3: Jane
  • She is a symbolism of his past
  • Holden want’s to have an everlasting past
  • She is unique and different, like him and it symbolizes his past.
  • She is mentioned many times, sign of detail and repetition and emphasize of how he truly feels for her.
  • She has family problems and he relates to her.
  • He see’s her as being pure.