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Nashville, TN Music City

Nashville, TN Music City. Crisis Management. Day 3 Friday, 3:00pm December 9, 2011 Meeting with NCVB Board Members. Crisis. “The Nashville Nemesis”. Over the past week, six people were shot at three different locations around Nashville.

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Nashville, TN Music City

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  1. Nashville, TNMusic City Crisis Management Day 3 Friday, 3:00pm December 9, 2011 Meeting with NCVB Board Members

  2. Crisis “The Nashville Nemesis” • Over the past week, six people were shot at three different locations around Nashville. • The shootings were on December 1st, 4th, and 7th. • Five of the six victims have died. • The locations of these shootings are not confined to one part of Nashville. • The police know that there is someone targeting – what appears to be – random people around the city.  • The city is now in full panic-mode…realizing they have a serial killer on the loose. • The local media has dubbed this killer “The Nashville Nemesis.” • The story breaks at 10pm on local news.

  3. The Issue How this crisis applies to us, the Nashville Convention and Visitors’ Bureau: • Tourists in Nashville may be scared and wish to immediately leave the city. • Tourists booked to visit Nashville in the next few weeks may wish to cancel their visit. • Potential tourists hearing about the “Nashville Nemesis” are possibly forming a negative impression of Nashville city and will not wish to visit. • This situation could spell disaster for businesses in Nashville’s hospitality industry.

  4. Break-down of Responsibility • Our (the NCVB) responsibility is to communicate with and assist visitors, both current and future. • The police and mayor’s office are jointly responsible for communicating with the citizens of Nashville. • The police are responsible for the safety of those in Nashville and for bringing the killer to justice. • The businesses/church where the shootings occurred are taking responsibility for the care of the surviving victim and the victims’ families.

  5. Position and Mission Key Message: We care about our visitors, and we will assist them in any way possible. We will: • Provide up-to-date information resources to all current, future, and potential Nashville visitors by: • Providing easy access to updates and direction to further information from police, the mayor’s office, and local businesses. • Provide reassurance and assistance to Nashville visitors. • Communicate and work with member businesses of the NCVB.

  6. Spokesperson • Nashville’s mayor, Karl F. Dean, is the official spokesperson for Nashville City. • Mayor since 2007. • Successfully led the city through “a 1,000 year flood” in May 2010. Mayor Karl Dean • All new information and official communications will be issued by either Mayor Dean or the chief of police, Steve Anderson. Police Chief Steve Anderson

  7. The Plan • This plan is designed for the current situation of the perpetrator still being on the loose. • If the perpetrator strikes again or is apprehended, our plan will change accordingly. • Our missionremains the same regardless of the “what-if” scenarios.

  8. Wednesday: Day 1 10:00pm: Local media broadcasts story of the “Nashville Nemesis”. • We realize that Nashville tourism has a problem. • Immediately contact police to be given as much information as is available. • Bring in extra security for the Convention and Visitors’ Bureau and both Visitor Centers. • Contact all members of our crisis management team (PR, tech, call center managers).

  9. Wednesday: Day 1 • Open call center and extend NCVB call center hours to 24/7 and post this along with phone number in prominent location on home page of our website. • Give notice to all Nashville hotels that the NCVB is available to help make arrangements for any guests who wish to leave Nashville early. • Notice also posted on our website. • Send out email to all Nashville NCVB staff that a mandatory meeting will be held at 8am Thursday morning.

  10. Thursday: Day 2 6:00am: Meet again with crisis management team. 6:10am: News of the “Nashville Nemesis” breaks on the national morning news shows. 6:15am: Contact marketing staff located in Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. offices and fill them in on the situation via email.

  11. Thursday: Day 2 • 7:00am: Complete installation of links on our website to official press releases and information from the mayor’s office and police department. • Will be continually updated until either the killer is caught or the police cease releasing information. • 8:00am: Meet with local NCVB staff at 5th and Broadway Visitor Center. • 11:00am: Meet with representatives of NCVB member businesses. • Continue to be in contact with the police and the mayor’s office. • Monitor media coverage of the “Nashville Nemesis”.

  12. Friday: Day 3 9:00am: Contact mayor regarding video with message for visitors to post on website. 12:00pm (noon): Update website with the police alert of suspect description along with details on how to be alert and safe in Nashville. 3:00pm: Hold this meeting with the NCVB board members.

  13. Friday: Day 3 • Monitor and evaluate impact on hospitality industry businesses. • Possible hotel cancellations or early departures and the number of visitors to restaurants, museums, and other tourist attractions. • Continue to monitor media. • Continue to communicate with police and mayor’s office. • Periodically check that updates are properly appearing and that links are working on our website. • Check in with Chicago, Atlantic, and D.C. offices.

  14. Saturday: Day 4 10:00am: Film video with mayor’s message to tourists; post online as soon as it is edited. • Work with Chamber of Commerce to establish a fund for victims’ families. • Communicate with those responsible for assisting the victims’ families – offer any necessary support. • Continue evaluation of impact on hospitality industry. • Continue monitoring media coverage.

  15. Sunday: Day 5 Morning: Contact singer-celebrities from the Nashville area (start with Keith Urban, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley) to create video for website. 2:00pm: Launch the online fund to accept donations for victims’ families.

  16. Monday: Day 6 • Work with the singer-celebrities available to create video that sends a positive, reassuring message to visitors. • Depending on their schedules, film video and add to website today or Tuesday. • Continue communication with mayor’s office and police. • Continue to monitor media and evaluate hospitality industry businesses.

  17. Tuesday: Day 7 • Try to have singer-celebrity video posted on website by today; be flexible based on their schedules. • Analyze call-log of calls regarding the “Nashville Nemesis” and evaluate if the 24/7 phone line is still necessary; if it is, evaluate on a weekly basis. • Evaluate how we at the NCVB are handling the crisis. • Continue to work with NCVB member businesses to evaluate how this crisis is affecting the hospitality industry in Nashville. • Continue to monitor media coverage. • Continue to communicate with mayor’s office and police department.

  18. Continuing Goals We do not know how long this crisis will continue. Our continued goals are as follows: • Keep in contact with mayor and police. • Continue to update information and links on website and respond to any calls. • Assist visitors in any way possible; encourage those who cancel to rebook. • Work with member businesses to offer incentives to rebook. • Reiterate our motto that “Music calls us home” and our promise of high-quality music entertainment. • Our response is to continue to do what we love and offer our music to the world.

  19. Music Calls Us Home “This will be our reply to violence: To make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.” - Leonard Bernstein

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