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The Multipurpose Brown Paper Bags From Pico Bags PowerPoint Presentation
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The Multipurpose Brown Paper Bags From Pico Bags

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The Multipurpose Brown Paper Bags From Pico Bags
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The Multipurpose Brown Paper Bags From Pico Bags

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  1. The Multipurpose Brown Paper Bags From Pico Bags Imagine a day without bags? It seems completely unbelievable to spend a day without using bags. Eventually, bags have made a huge comeback. They are required from time to time to store personal belongings when travelling from one place to another. We all on an everyday basis visit grocery stores several times in a day or in a week to pick up items for our daily needs. Unless we have a container like a bag or a basket to store purchased items, it is very difficult to bring them home. Thus, shoppers nowadays are leaving aside old methods of holding items in hand or cloth folds and are opting for more modern and stylish paper bags at supermarkets. The store owner now generally provides a choice to shoppers by packing their items in brown or white paper bags. Once these paper bags are brought home , we completely ignore them thinking that they are of no use and simply pile them up to occupy space. Neither do we dispose them nor do we use them , we simply keep them in the kitchen unused. Have you ever wondered how efficient are Brown Paper Bags? Below are some creative uses of brown paper bags which you could not ever think of. Bring your imagination into play by making the best use of Paper Bags .Take a scissors and cut their edges. Now use them to create beautiful greeting cards and invitations for your kids birthday party. Allow your kids to apply their creativity by letting them make beautiful craftwork out of unused paper bags. Through this activity, they will eventually learn the lesson of reusability and how to use waste in creative ways. At the beginning of a new session, school activity books needs to be covered in brown sheets. Sort out unused brown paper bags from the pile and take exact measurements of the book you want to cover, then carefully cut the sides of the bag .Place the book on the brown sheet and comfortably cover the book. De clutter your cabinets and drawers which are frequently used by all the members of the family. Store medicines, cosmetic, dry eatables, books, CD’s, DVD’s, stationery items, cutlery, pack of chocolates, sweets

  2. brown paper bags to get rid of the mess. Now simply label the paper bags correctly so that you can easily access them when in haste. Drain excess oil from fried dishes by placing them on brown paper bags. Ripen fruits and vegetables by carefully wrapping them up in brown paper bags. Apart from this, Brown paper bags are such versatile bags that they can be bulk purchased in different sizes, patterns and designs. Use them as per your requirement for shopping regular grocery, vegetables, fruits etc. Pack gifts, chocolates, cakes, flowers , souvenirs for friends and family in customizable paper bags. Also use them to get your personal message printed on it for distributing party favors. Paper bags have emerged as an important tool for brand promotion. Personalize paper bags in different colors and shapes by getting your company’s logo, tag line, address and other details printed on them to create a brand awareness amongst people.