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UAE Jobs

The perfect website to find new job vacancies and employees in Dubai UAE Sharjah Abu Dhabi. All UAE Jobs, Jobs Abu Dhabi & Vacancies in Dubai.<br>http://www.findnewjob.org/

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UAE Jobs

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  1. Jobs in Dubai, UAE www.findnewjob.org

  2. Are you looking to get the job of your dreams in Dubai and don’t know how to start? • Just follow steps listed below and you will get easily the job you deserve!

  3. 1. Identify Objective, Strength, Weaknesses • As Dubai job market is very competitive its is very important to identify your objectives and you should know your strength and weaknesses. • It is very important for you to ask questions to yourself like how you could benefits your employer as well as what are your aspirations and motivations. • Also you should be able to satisfy employer about your past and current work experience.

  4. 2. Research Job Market • With most of local employers are now advertise on different job sites, it is not very difficult to know the job market trends in your particular sector.  • http://www.findnewjob.org/ offers great deals in various job sectors which may suit your needs.

  5. 3. Create Online CV and Cover Letter • 84% employers take time to asses candidates online before making any decision. • Regularly update your online CV and save them on almost all job sites. • Your CV should look professional and the content is appropriate for the job.

  6. 4. Create Online Public Profile • It is recommended that you should also have an online public profile with a personalize URL. Through this way it is easy for employers to find you through Google. • For online public profile you can use many online platforms like Linkedin.com is the most popular. Also many Online Jobs websites offer this services like people.bayt.com.

  7. 5. Be Patient and Persistent • Because Dubai has become the hot spot for job searchers from all over the world it’s very easy for the job searcher to get disappointed with the result. • You should understand the fact that its not very easy to get job in Dubai with such a high competitions. But at same time Dubai has the lowest unemployment rate in world and getting a good job is not something impossible. 

  8. 6. Widened Network • Best way to find out is to keep checking for job fair or job expos happening in city. • It is advisable to arrange your visit when these expos/fairs are scheduled. This would help you to meet employers personally or conduct informational interviews with company representatives such as which companies would be best to apply and ask for names of other contacts for your network.

  9. 7. Follow up • You should update your contact information after arriving in city and also you should send follow up emails to those companies you have applied to. • Tell them that you are in the city and available for interviews.

  10. Have a good luck and find your desired job in Dubai!

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