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The No-Nonsense Nurturer

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The No-Nonsense Nurturer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Center for Transformative Teacher Training. The No-Nonsense Nurturer. Denver Public Schools Leah Pearson & Joanna Leeds Aug 16 th 2013. To learn how to create a positive classroom and school culture through a management system grounded in building relationships. Why are we here today?.

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the no nonsense nurturer

Center for Transformative Teacher Training

The No-Nonsense Nurturer

Denver Public Schools

Leah Pearson & Joanna Leeds

Aug 16th 2013

why are we here today

To learn how to create a positive classroom and school culture through a management system grounded in building relationships

Why are we here today?
three t ypes of teachers

Negative Controller



No Nonsense Nurturer

Three Types of Teachers

What might be some inferences you could make on the difference between these three types of teachers?

why enablers and controllers are ineffective

Because they….

  • make statements of fact about student behavior
  • ask rhetorical questions
  • make threats with no follow-through
  • get angry and overreact
  • engage
  • What kind of classroom culture does this create?
Why enablers and controllers are ineffective?
characteristics of the no nonsense nurturer

Makes no excuses for students that are engaging in disruptive behavior

  • Maintains high expectations for behavior and academics
  • Is no-nonsense in front of the class
  • Is nurturing in 1-1 and/or small groups
  • Is Culturally Responsive
Characteristics of the No Nonsense Nurturer
necessary beliefs of culturally responsive educators no nonsense nurturers

Earn the respect of my students.

  • Expect 100% engagement, 100% of the time.
  • Education is a civil rights issue. Access to education is access to quality of life.
  • Everyday in the classroom matters.
  • If teachers believe the students can stay on task and achieve, the teachers will tend to act in a manner that helps students to achieve these objectives (Marzano, 2007; Education Trust, 2006).
  • Know all students can behave and meet expectations.
  • Understand the expanded role of the teacher.
Necessary Beliefs of Culturally Responsive Educators & No-Nonsense Nurturers
the nnn model

Step 1: Effectively Communicate Expectations

  • Step 2: Utilize Positive Narration
  • Step 3: Consequences and Class-Wide Rewards
  • Foundation: Build Nurturing Relationships with Students
The NNN Model