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Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek

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Kedarkantha Trek

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  1. KEDARKANTHA TREK KEDARKANTHA TREK OVERVIEW OVERVIEW WELCOME TO KEDARKANTHA Kedarkantha trek is one of the most sought after trekking destinations in the country. Considered as one of the easiest treks among the avid trekkers. Located at an altitude of 3800 mts. Is filled with the magnificence and enchanting nature. Experience a wonderful and adventurous time at a gripping cost of Rs.7300/- PP. for 5 days and 4 nights. MEALS TREKKING ADVENTUROUS ACTIVITIES Camping Trekking Sightseeing Campfire & Much More During this trek you will experience view of Meadows and view of Himalayan Range which gives a perfect natural view for some clickable memories Provide you all Meals from Day 1 Till Summit Day

  2. HIGHLIGHTS Highlights: Natural View, Trekking, Thrilling walk over the ridge and much more. Adventurous Activities: Camping, Trekking and Much More. Duration: 5 days Destination: Kedarkantha Trip Cost: INR 6300/- Per person (Excluding 5% GST) Trip Inclusions: Sightseeing, Accommodation (Camps), Equipment, Adventurous Activities and Meals. MEALS AT KEDARKANTHA BEST MEALS PROVIDED DURING THIS TREK Eating proper meals on treks is a challenge to many. Your body works out so much that you are tempted to gorge on all food available. Yet, over-eating could work against you while trekking. So, our trek leaders and cooks plan best for you when it comes to a hygienic diet.

  3. ITINERARY FOR KEDARKANTHA PACKAGE : DAY 1 REPORTING AT SANKRI 1 Post your arrival at Dehradun; you will be head to the Sankri which at the distance of 220 Km via Mussorie. This high drive from Dehradun to Sankri that takes you along the Yamuna exquis- ite offers the feeling of joy where After 8 hrs of the journey to Sankri, you’ll find yourself in the Uttarkashi District which will be trailed by a spell-bounding beauty of valleys and forest cover. Full of heritage beauty with under the unite trail. Uttarkashi states for ‘Kashi’ in the south which is one of the holy places in India. It has its rich mythology behind the site. GMVN is very active in this valley for tourism, which is a good sign for trekkers to get availabilities. Prior reaching to Sankri about 22 Km before trekkers get the most fantastic feeling of serene

  4. ITINERARY FOR KEDARKANTHA PACKAGE : DAY 2 SANKRI TO JUDA KA TAAL 2 Your trek will begin today where you’ll head towards the Juda Ka Taal having an altitude of 9100 Ft. cov- ering approx 5 Km till afternoon that may take 5 hrs depends on the trekker's capability, witnessing nu- merous adventures on the trail. Ice and slush would bother you a bit while walking, but you’ll perform well with our expert guide. The trek will begin with a beautiful pine & maple forest which will ascend alongside the wildlife and meadows. Gradually trailing upwards, you’ll spot some hut alongside the fields. Its soft surface of grassland where localities do swimming on summers, wizardry you’ll get Luke warm water all around the lake and rest will be the colder. And in winters you can see a sheet of ice in- stead of water. Through one big natural tunnel provide the same water to villagers. You can stroll be- cause high-altitude sickness may affect you on a snow track. In the absence of electronic music, birds tweet can take the place of it once the trekker crosses the village the path turns into full curves and Climbs. Initially, the climb would be through Bridges, and the most exciting thing one can witness is the Himala- yan Languor, though they are shy animals so you may only get the Glimpse of them, apart from it boars, martens and hares are also visible in the region. Juda ka Tal is a mesmerizing destination one find them- selves in Between the Giant lake and the thick pine and oak forest, and this will be the destination for today to set a camp and enjoy the beauty in the lap of Mother Nature

  5. ITINERARY FOR KEDARKANTHA PACKAGE : DAY 3 JUDA KA TAL TO KEDARKANTHA BASE CAMP 3 Juda Ka Taal is a magnificent lake surrounded by the pine trees which gets a freeze during winters and became a spot for adventures and fun activities for the trekkers like gliding or walking on ice. The trail will be getting steeper as you move forward where your trek guide can teach you some skills for snow slopes and also do listen to him; he might assist you regarding how big you foot- steps should g. The destination of this day is Kedarkantha base camp lies at an altitude of 11,250 Ft. which is approx 4 Km from Juda ka Taal and may take 2.5 hrs to reach though depends on the trekkers walking speed. The journey again starts from the dense forest of pine and oak trees, and also the trail passes through the steep ridges, and a much more dense area, while walking on the way trekkers can wit- ness many shepherds’ huts and can get the instinct of how the Mountaineers survive in all the hard time. The view is so mesmerizing, and the culture that Shepherds follow the hard work they do and the politeness of the natives can never upset the trekkers. Walking towards the path and at an altitude of 10,400 Ft. one can witness the snow traces and im- agine the whole scenarios of the destination. The breathtaking view is still waiting to shock the trekkers to the core as just before reaching the base camp trekkers can witness the appealing view of arc-shaped ranges covered with snow such as Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Kala Nag and Ranglana standing with pride in a lap of Mother Na- ture.

  6. ITINERARY FOR KEDARKANTHA PACKAGE : DAY 4 KEDARKANTHA BASE CAMP TO KEDARKANTHA– HARGAON 4 The day will be a long one as you would be heading towards Kedarkantha Peak today's elevation is from 11,250 Ft. to 12,500 Ft. and may take around 6km trekking that might be cover in 7 hrs and the trail will be steeper, and the pavements will be knee deep into the snow. Albeit it will be fun being there, but on the same side there would be a lot to discover and being watchful on your steps. Glimpse will be there in between sunlight and a maple tree, after reaching Kedarkantha summit. During the trek, you’ll see the magical colors of nature. You'll be joyful with the majestic view of many ranges like Rupin and a lot more. The reason for calling it Kedarkantha, hearsay from villagers is; 1st they try to build Kedarnath temple in that peak, but they heard some animal's sound which is an omen for a spiritual event. So till then they construct lord Shiva’s statue till neck and in Hindi Neck is known as ‘Kanth’ and Lord Shiva is having lots of names, so Kedar is one of them. That’s why it’s “KEDARKANTHA.” Kedar- kantha peak you can treat your eyes with such following valleys are- SWARGAROHINI, GANGOTRI, KALANAAG, YAMUNOTRI & BANDAROOCH. Once you are on the summit the captivating view will balance your emotion and gradually turns it into the spirituality as at the top there is a small tem- ple dedicated to Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati and a small shrine of Lord Ganesh too and the panoramic view if the Uttarakhand is beyond once imagination.

  7. ITINERARY FOR KEDARKANTHA PACKAGE : DAY 5 HARGAON– SANKRI-DEHRADUN 5 The day has come where you’ll have to leave the majestic view of the Himalayas and snowcapped mountain ranges. We’ll be heading back to the Sankri today, and the trek will be relatively simple since the distance is short. Sankri is the stoppage village for more than ten treks; Known as Bali pass, Borasu pass, etc. The morning will welcome you with a spectacular sunrise between the pine trees which will proceed with the breakfast. After a 3 hrs travel to Sankri, you’ll head towards Dehradun after a while re- thinks about last five days you’ll get your answer how time goes by when nature is pampering you. After reaching Dehradun city, you can plan your destinations accordingly.

  8. INCLUDED AND EXCLUDED EXCLUDED FROM THE PACKAGE: INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE:  Transportation cost (to reach base camp or ride in between trekking).  First night dinner and accommodation in guest house.  All meals & additional cost during transportation.  After summit breakfast before transportation.  Trekking stick, warm clothes, trekking shoes.  Trekkers have to carry their bags during trek.  All time meals and snacks during trek.  Experienced trek leader and guides.  First aid kit.  If you wish to offload your backpack, there will be an additional charge of Rs. 1200 + 5% GST. The backpack cannot weigh more than 9 kgs. Suitcases/strollers/duffel bags will not be allowed. Please note that charges will vary for last minute offloading in case you decide to offload your bag after reach- ing the basecamp (Rs. 1400 + 5% GST). Online offloading in advance is possible up to two days prior to the trek start date.  For accommodation comfortable tents during trek.  Equipment's and Gears for trekking.  Daily Medical Checkup.  Certified Porters and Cook.  Mules for offloading (Chargeable).  Everything which is not mentioned in Please Note: Last ATM location is in Purola.

  9. IMPORTANT THINGS TO CARRY FOR THIS TREK: GEAR: CLOTHING:  1 backpack (50-60 liters) with rain cover  2 pairs of pants  3-4 T-shirt with long sleeves  1 rain cover for you  2 Shirts with long sleeves  1 pair Floaters or slippers  1 Jacket  1 water bottles  1 waterproof, wind-proof jacket (Please make sure this is a warm jacket and not just a windcheater.)  1 Lunch Box  A pair of trekking shoes or waterproof sports shoes  2 pairs thermals (uppers and lowers)  3 pairs socks ESSENTIALS:  1-2 pairs woolen socks  Woolen cap  Cap  Sunglasses  Woolen gloves  Cold cream  1 woolen scarf  Lip balm  Extra cotton bags FOR TOILET AND BATHROOM We use hygienic dry toilet tents during trek because of minimum water availability. Carry additional things by yourself like hand sanitizers, wet wipes, tissues etc.

  10. EQUIPMENTS AND GEARS PROVIDED BY US GEARS AND EQUIPMENTS: MEDICAL KIT:  Comfortable Tents for 3 persons  Sleeping bags (-10o to -15o degrees )  BP checker  Blood Pulse Checker  Liners for warming sleeping bags  Stature  Warming Mattresses  Oxygen level checker  Ice axe  Crampon - micro-spikes  Oxygen Cylinder  All necessary medicines  Gaiters  Harness – Petzel  Ropes  Toilet tent  Dinning Tent  Kitchen Tent MONITORING HEALTH ON A TREK Blood Pressure levels will be checked once every day. Health care, Medication, pulse rate checker, Health card are included. Every trekker will get a health checkup. Trek leader will check your pulse, heart and oxygen levels and will mention it in your health card.

  11. FOR MORE DETAILS YOU CAN VISIT ON THE FOLLOWING LINK : Terms and Conditions Page: TREKVEDA COMMUNITY WEBSITE TWITTER INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE FACEBOOK LINKEDIN 9821325153/54/56 We Hope that you have the best trekking experience 9821325153/54