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Find Best Surrogacy Specialist in Delhi, India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Select Surrogacy India.com is the best option for IVF Solutions. The organization offers you the world class IVF treatment, fertility treatment and more surrogacy solutions in affordable cost.Feel free to contact us with our world class IVF specialist . Book an appointment today!\n\nVisit: http://www.selectsurrogacyindia.com/index.html

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Find best surrogacy specialist in delhi india



Select Surrogacy India

Our organization Select Surrogacy India.com delivers secure IVF and fertility, infertility treatments under one roof. We have world class research and testing facilities.

Find best surrogacy specialist in delhi india


  • Select Surrogacy India delivers the excellence and secure healthcare services. We are truly dedicated to connect with patients and to offer the best reproductive healthcare benefits globally in India and foreign countries.

  • We Offer specialized following services:

  • IVF Treatment

  • Infertility and Fertility Treatments

  • Surrogacy Procedures

  • Laparoscopic Surgeries

Find best surrogacy specialist in delhi india

Infertility Treatment

Causes and Diagnosis:

Fertility, it means the birthrate of a population but the there are many reasons that can easily affect the birth rate of a population is infertility and that refers when a couple has the inability to conceive the child and for it male and female both are responsible. The reason to have infertility can be genetic as well as medical. For the effective treatment of the infertility visit ‘’Select Surrogacy India’’. We are one of the trusted and well known in the industry of the medical because we believe provide the great health services. The name is enough for the satisfaction of the patient select the option of the surrogacy for India and enjoys the life of the parenthood.

Find best surrogacy specialist in delhi india

Surrogacy procedure and the cost

The cost of the surrogacy is totally contingent on the produce of the surrogacy. There are different types surrogacy like gestational surrogacy traditional surrogacy and donor sperm, gestational surrogacy and egg donation, and gestational surrogacy and donor sperm. Even the whole procedure has many steps like:

  • Initial consultation.

  • Screening and selection process of an egg donor.

  • screening and selection process of a surrogate mother.

  • medical history of intended parent, the egg donor and the surrogate mother.

  • legal agreement

  • medical process

  • Pregnancy, legal representations

  • Birth.

Find best surrogacy specialist in delhi india

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery: It is one of the most common surgeries; we also called it minimally invasive surgery, bandied surgery and the keyhole surgery. Through the modern technique, the operation performed far away from the location through incision usually 0.5-1.5cm anywhere in the body.

Find best surrogacy specialist in delhi india

Meet Dr. ShwetaMittal

A Fertility Specialist, in the field of the medical science she is an excellent obstetrics and the great gynecology. She has the great experience to handle 1000 oocyte aspirations and embryos transfer cycles. Even she has already written infertility text books and has 50 national and international reproductive presentations.

Find best surrogacy specialist in delhi india


  • Select surrogacy India is providing all the facility like IVF treatment, surrogacy and the laparoscopy surgery.

  • In the procedure of the IVF treatment, we include the ICSI, IUI and the ovulations induction, egg donations, male fertility treatment and the reversal procedure and many more.

  • In the process of surrogacy, the success rate, surrogate mother, egg donor surrogacy and multiple surrogacy's are included.

  • Laparoscopy surgery includes the infertility surgery, operative laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, endometriosis and the ectopic pregnancy.

Find best surrogacy specialist in delhi india

Contact Us:

26/18 LGF, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi-110008


Call at: 8447011992


Visit: http://www.selectsurrogacyindia.com/

Feel free to make an appointment.

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