introduction to snfa high precision bearings
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Introduction to SNFA High Precision Bearings

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Introduction to SNFA High Precision Bearings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to SNFA High Precision Bearings. Presented to SKF Hungary Presented by Hugo Carlén Sales Developer, SKF SNFA High Precision Bearings 2007-08-22. Agenda. SNFA Background 09:30 Product range Designations - exercise Movie from SNFA factory Turin Order handling

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Presentation Transcript
introduction to snfa high precision bearings

Introduction to SNFA High Precision Bearings

Presented to SKF Hungary

Presented by Hugo Carlén

Sales Developer, SKF SNFA High Precision Bearings


  • SNFA Background 09:30
  • Product range
  • Designations - exercise
  • Movie from SNFA factory Turin
  • Order handling
  • When to choose SNFA
  • Future integration projects
  • Lunch 12:30
  • Price calculation and comparisons 13:15
  • Technical questions – Secba 13:45
  • Specific customers - activities
  • SNFA background
snfa background
SNFA Background
  • Established in France 1952 as “Société Nouvelle de Fabrication Aéronautique”
  • Acquired by SKF 2006
  • High Precision Bearings – UK >65mm Italy <65mm
  • Aerospace bearing manufacturing – France
  • Sales offices in UK, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland
  • UK
  • Charfield, HPB 90 employeesFranceValenciennes, Aerospace, 450 employees
  • ItalyTurin, HPB, 200 employees
  • Germany
  • Gerlingen, Sales office
  • Switzerland
  • Fribourg, Sales office
  • [SKF HPB Villar Perosa 275 employees]
snfa sales per sector
SNFA Sales per sector



SKF Villar Perosa sales per channel

stengthness of snfa
Stengthness of SNFA
  • Very strong brand in Europe
  • High market share in Italy, Germany, Switzerland
  • Long tradition of High Precision and Aerospace products
  • Close contact with customers
  • Product range complements SKF's
  • Customized preload
  • SECBA Calculation Program
  • One of the leading suppliers to the machine tool business
weakness of snfa
Weakness of SNFA
  • International sales dependent on agents and independent distributors
  • Family run business with limited resources
  • High Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings only
acquisition by skf
Acquisition by SKF
  • SKF Acquired SNFA 4th of July 2006
  • Sales in Italy, Germany, UK, France and Switzerland will remain unchanged
  • Sales in other countries will gradually be transferred to local SKF companies
  • First focus is to maintain current sales
  • Next step is to increase sales using SKF Sales Units worldwide
  • SNFA Product range
product range angular contact ball bearings
Product range – Angular Contact Ball Bearings

(718xx)719xxACD/ACE 70xx ACD/ACE 72xx, BSA 2

designation examples
Designation examples

CE=Phenolic Resin cage


  • EX12 7 CE1 DDM



7001 CD/P4ADBB

Preload gap "g"

Mounting of preloaded set

“Back to back” - DD

preloading of set of bearings
Preloading of set of bearings

This gap give the set of two bearings preload

Measured in decaNewton (1kg)

example of bearing sets
Example of bearing sets
  • DD [Dos-à-dos] DB [Back-to-back]
  • FF [Face-à-face] DF [Face-to-face]
  • T [Tandem] DT
universally matchable bearings
Universally matchable bearings
  • + Universal bearings can make up many combinations
  • + Easy stock keeping
  • Not as accurate as dedicated sets
  • Not possible to get special preload
  • U/DU G/DG

Same width

X 2

importance of contact angles 4ul is not 4xul
Importance of Contact Angles – 4UL is not 4xUL
  • SNFA match bearings within a set to be within 1deg. This is of particular importance when the set contains bearings in tandem. The contact angle is the main driver in achieving good load sharing.
  • For example VEX25/NS 7CE1 TDTL – simulation in Secba
snfa preloading
SNFA Preloading
  • Standard preloads:
  • Light Medium Heavy
  • L M F[FR=Fort]
  • A B C
  • Special preload
  • 150 DAN [=1500N]
  • 150G [=1500N]
special features
Special features
  • Lubrication via outer ringBearings with grooves comes with O-rings

H1 G1 GH



bearing marking
Bearing Marking

Bore and Outside size deviation marks are placed at the high point of eccentricity.

The “V” mark shows direction of thrust on the inner race.

Year mark with character

S=2006, T=2007 etc.

SNFAto SKF Designation
  • From the SNFA original designations the following changes are made enabling to create designations with less then 24 characters:
  • /B is added to show SNFA-High Precision Bearings
  • Spaces are removed
  • , (comma) is changed to . (point)
  • . (point) is removed except where required to identify fraction of "dimension" eg 2.5
  • Comments are removed
  • Suffix DAN and daN (deca Newton) are replaced by G (where G is preload in daN), i.e. 150daN is 150G
  • Suffix uM and MICRON are replaced by C (where C is clearance in uM), i.e. +50um is 50C
  • Suffix for grease: the SKF designation (Gxx or VTxxx) for grease is applied
  • TOPAS and SPECIAL are considered comments and thus removed
snfa to skf designation
SNFA to SKF Designation






  • SNFA order handling
scenario 1 dpc x in coh
Product file

E-mail purchase order *

Customer order

E-mail order ackn. **

Order ackn. (e-mail, fax)

E-mail shipping notification

Shipping notification

Invoice sent to Sales Unit mail / e-mail**

Invoice Customer

Goods shipment to Customer

Pick / Pack / ship the goods

Scenario 1 - DPC X in COH

Enter customer order in COH using DPC X procedure

1. SNFA enters the order in Navision

2. Delivery Time Fixing / Ackn. of the order




Sales Unit


***Outside EU: Invoice needs to follow with the goods for export/import.


* Create SNFA as Supplier in COH - all data avaliable on the SNFA Spider site

** Create account for SKF Sales Unit at SNFA. Fill out and supply form from SNFA

dpc x in coh step by step
DPC X in COH - step by step
  • SKF = COH, SNFA = Navision, Customer
  • There is no system connection between SKF and SNFA for time being.
  • Prodmast updates product data to COH
  • Customer sends an order to Sales Unit, SU
  • SU enters the order in COH using the DPC X procedure
  • A purchase order is created and sent to SNFA via e-mail
  • SNFA receives the order and enters it into Navision
  • Delivery Time Fixing and order acknowledgment are done in Navision
  • Order acknowledgement is sent to the SU via e-mail
  • SU sends an order acknowledgment to the Customer
  • When the goods is to be shipped, SNFA e-mails a shipping notification to SU, containing shipment date, quantity, nr of packages, etc.
  • SU sends a shipping notification to the Customer
  • Goods is shipped to the customer from SNFA to the customer via the Domestic Hub
  • SNFA sends an invoice to the SU. Outside EU invoice has to follow the goods for the export/import.
  • SU invoices the Customer using DPC X
  • When to sell SNFA bearings?
when to sell snfa bearings instead of skf
When to sell SNFA bearings (instead of SKF)
  • Priority 1 is to keep existing SKF and SNFA business
  • We shall not replace SKF by SNFA
  • Replace only when SKF products do not meet customer requirements
  • What brand or product to promote for new business depends on the application and the product features e.g. SNFA VEX for high speed applications
  • Future integration projects
new high precision bearing range
New High Precision Bearing range
  • A new range of SKF SNFA High Precision Bearings will be launched
  • The new bearings will be the best of SKF and SNFA types
  • First product to be launched is Ball Screw Support Bearings
  • Bearing boxes will be dual branded
coh connection
COH connection
  • SNFA computer systems will be connected to COH, allowing
      • Online stock
      • Online ordering
      • Less paperwork
integration timeline
Integration timeline
  • Acquisition
  • Introduction Eastern Europe
  • Common BSSB
  • Common 718-series
  • Introduction Western Europe
  • Navision/COH connection
  • Introduction - Asia
pricing exercise
Pricing - exercise
  • SNFA is not yet included in IP-module
  • PS loaded in Prodmast is incorrect
  • Pricelists are issued to SKF Sales Units
  • Prices are calculated with a base price + delta price for seals/ceramics/grease/lubrication holes etc
  • Learn more about SNFA High Precision Bearings
snfa spider site
SNFA Spider site
snfa charfield sales office
SNFA Charfield Sales Office
  • Anna ReevesUK Customer Service
  • Sarah Elliott
  • SNFA Group Customer Service
  • Claire WoodlandExport Customer Service
  • Martine DavisSales & Marketing Manager
  • Fliss EarleyCustomer Services Teamleader
  • Andy TaylorUK Sales Engineer
  • Barbara WoodruffPart time Admin
  • Triona Nixon (not on picture)Customer Service
  • Hugo Carlén (not on picture)Sales Developer
move to stonehouse
Move to Stonehouse
  • SNFA production in Charfield, UK is moving to Stonehouse in October
  • - 20 km away
  • 95% of all employees continues to work
  • New, modern factory
  • Batch size has been increased to make up for losses
  • Hugo Carlén
  • Sales Developer
  • +46 31 337 1582
  • Martine Davis
  • Sales & Marketing Manager, SNFA UK+44 1453 846603
  • Peter Leslie
  • Engineering Manager, SNFA UK
  • +44 1453 846612
  • SNFA - SNFA Electronic Consultant for Bearing Applications
  • Customer version – static
  • Internal version – dynamic
  • Currently version 5.1
secba or bearing beacon
SECBA or Bearing Beacon?
  • Gap between SKF Bearing Beacon and SECBA was analyzes by SKF Engineering Software Support.
  • SECBA will be maintained at least 3-5 years
  • A new version based on Bearing Beacon framework will be developed - long term plan
  • SECBA can only handle ball bearings
  • SECBA output in reports, similar to SKF BB
secba training
SECBA Training
  • For training in SECBA, please contact Peter Leslie, Engineering Manager, SNFA UK