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HFT Technical Overview

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HFT Technical Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HFT Technical Overview. STAR Detectors Fast and Full azimuthal particle identification. EMC+EEMC+FMS (-1 ≤  ≤ 4). MTD 2013. TPC. TOF. DAQ1000. HFT 2013. FGT 2011. Inner Detector Support (IDS). IDS E ast S upport C ylinder O uter S upport C ylinder

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HFT Technical Overview

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hft technical overview
HFT Technical Overview

September 26, 2011


STAR Detectors Fast and Full azimuthal particle identification


(-1 ≤  ≤ 4)





HFT 2013

FGT 2011

September 26, 2011

inner detector support ids
Inner Detector Support (IDS)


East Support Cylinder

Outer Support Cylinder

West Support Cylinder


Middle Support Cylinder




Pixel Insertion Tube

Pixel Support Tube



Carbon Fiber Structures provide support

For 3 inner detector systems

All systems highly integrated into IDS

Inner Detector Support


September 26, 2011

detector support
Detector Support
  • ESC,WCS and OSC used for run-12 and FGT installation.
  • Carbon Fiber cylinder provides mechanical and electric separation between sub-systems.

September 26, 2011

pixel detector pxl
Pixel Detector (PXL)

Mechanical support with kinematic mounts (insertion side).

Can be extracted/inserted on maintenance day ( <24 hours) after machine tune-up, or in case of failures.

Insertion from one side

2 layers

5 sectors / half

4 ladders/sector

8 cm radius

End view

2.5 cm radius

September 26, 2011

intermediate silicon tracker ist
Intermediate Silicon Tracker(IST)
  • Intermediate tracking layer with good r-phi resolution 250mm
  • Conventional Si pad detector using CMS APV chip for ladders
  • Readout system copy of just completed FGT detector system

24 ladders 50 cm long at 14 cm radius

September 26, 2011

ist characteristics
IST Characteristics
  • Liquid cooling
  • Carbon Fiber ladder
  • APD chips flex hybrid cable
  • <1.5% Xo
  • Fast detector

September 26, 2011

silicon strip detector ssd
Silicon Strip Detector (SSD)

44 cm

20 Ladders

4.2 Meters

~ 1 Meter

September 26, 2011

  • Instrument 20 of the existing SSD ladders with new readout electronics compatible with STAR TPC readout
  • SSD to be installed on the Outer Support Cylinder at 20 cm
  • Provide cabling and cooling compatible with the IDS structure and FGT
  • Upgraded cooling system Air cooled.

September 26, 2011

project schedule
Project Schedule
  • Scheduled to received final approval and funding following successful CD2/3 review
  • Goal to complete fabrication and assembly in two years.
  • Install for run-13
    • New small radius beam pipe.
    • PST support for PXL.
    • PXL prototype detector. Mechanical identical to final PXL detector, instrumented with fewer sectors instrumented with ladders.
  • Install for run-14
    • Install IST and SSD detectors
    • Final PXL detector.

September 26, 2011


PXL insertion mechanism for rapid detector replacement

Courtesy Howard Wieman

September 26, 2011

air cooling of silicon detectors cfd analysis
Air cooling of silicon detectors - CFD analysis
  • Silicon power: 100 mW/cm2 (~ power of sunlight)
  • 240 W total Si + drivers

air flow path – flows along both inside and outside surface of the sector

September 26, 2011


PXL detector centered in STAR

in the Middle Support Cylinder (MSC)

single end support allows rapid insertion and removal

Can replace PXL detector with less than day of shut down

September 26, 2011


Insertion and closing about the beam pipe

open to clear beampipe flanges

closing down

fully inserted and locked in kinematic mounts

September 26, 2011


insertion mechanism

cam and guides control lateral location during insertion

carriage rides on support rails

mechanical release to transfer load to kinematic mounts

hinge mechanism for lateral motion

kinematic mounts engage at center position

thin carbon half tube for PXL support and cooling air duct

September 26, 2011