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guide to buy sterling silver in wholesale like n.
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Guide To Buy Sterling Silver in Wholesale Like A Pro PowerPoint Presentation
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Guide To Buy Sterling Silver in Wholesale Like A Pro

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Guide To Buy Sterling Silver in Wholesale Like A Pro
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Guide To Buy Sterling Silver in Wholesale Like A Pro

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  1. Guide To Buy Sterling Silver in Wholesale Like A Pro Sterling silver is quite popular among fashion-conscious people in almost any part of the world. But if you are a beginner, here’s a crash course to know this precious bright metal and the designs available while buying from sterling silver earrings wholesale. Sterling silver is not raw silver. It contains an alloy of copper in most cases because the pure variety is too soft for giving and retaining designer shapes. The sterling silver creations carry a hallmark symbol of .925. The mark indicates that the silver is 92.5% pure and contains only 7.5% of the copper alloy. Differentiating Between Fine And Sterling Silver While picking up silver items from a store at wholesale prices you will need to know the difference between the two different types of silver. Essentially both look the same, but they are not so. Fine silver is the closest you can go to pure silver because it contains 99.9% silver and 1.1% alloy material. Sterling silver, on the other hand, has more alloys. It is also much harder than fine silver and easily maintained. It can retain its polish and beauty with a little regular rubbing and proper storage. But with fine silver, the maintenance regime becomes a lot scrupulous but with very less output.

  2. Wide Variety Of Sterling Silver Earrings Buying jewelry from a sterling silver earring wholesale store is an experience, as the representative will lay in front of you different varieties sterling silver earrings. You will need to know the names for each kind of earring. The Hoop: The Hoop is one of the classic designs that have been worn by men and women for long. The pirates were the earliest wearers of the hoop. It gradually came into regular life. While women wear large hoops depending upon the dress the men wear smaller ones. The hoops are available in full circles as well as semi circles. Some have intricate designs around the borders with the insides being hollow to prevent them from becoming uncomfortable and heavy. Larger hoops are made of thin silver wires to make them light and attractive. The Danglers Dangle earrings are available in a wide variety each different from the other. Some are cast in marcasite while others are stone studded. The earrings have varying lengths and breadths and some even reach till the shoulders. Longer earrings do not always have a lesser amount of silver though because these are danglers we are talking about. Longer and stone studded ones are also available and should be worn with caution because too heavy earrings can hurt the ears. The Stud The stud is worn by all and is considered quite a fashion statement. The stud can be anything from a design in sterling silver to a fashionable stone. Men usually go light on the designs, but for women the sky in the limit. These are available in all kinds of designs imaginable. Even children wear studs of different sizes and varieties. Animal motifs and cute little filigree designed ones are extremely popular. If you dislike heavy jewelry then studs are for you. You have more than one piercing then you can organize the shapes and wear them symmetrically. Studs are quite popular

  3. among young girls because they are light weight and can be changed very easily. The Cuff The cuff is a curved earring women wear on the earlobe. Different designs are available including funny ones like a person climbing or an animal hanging on to the ear. These are also available in the shape of clamps which are pretty easy to wear and take off when necessary. You can wear an exotically shaped cuff alone. But with different designs, you can also pair it with a stud or a dangler. Some of these have backings and chains with them or simple another clamp. Silver Drop Earrings Drop earrings are extremely elegant and modern. You can get it in a single gemstone with the metal which does not make the designs look dull at all. The brightness of the metal is such that it makes all stones match completely with it. Sterling silver jewelry is harder than gold which makes it less prone to scratches. Regular polishing is more than enough to clean the dullness of dust it gathers with regular use. Chandelier Earrings The Chandeliers are exaggerated forms of the drop earring are in high demand. These are mostly part of costume jewelry and have many chains attached below the ears. The vintage pieces are made of precious sterling silver and gemstones which make them look really classy. The chandeliers are definitely not for regular use because they are quite expensive unless you are buying at wholesale prices. You can wear them at specific parties but try not to wear necklaces and heavy jewelry. They can make the look really over-the-top. For special occasions, they are simply perfect! Caring For Your Sterling Silver Uncared for sterling silver is likely to turn dull but if you clean it regularly with a soft cloth then it will stay shiny and with a bright sheen. Keep it away from water and moisture to maintain the color. The copper alloy mixed with silver prevents it from turning dull and increases the shelf-like of the jewelry. But with jewelry

  4. made of fine silver, the alloy material is very less and it becomes easily tarnished. Avoid Low-Quality Sterling Silver While purchasing sterling silver jewelry at wholesale prices always remember to check the hallmark of .925 so that you know you are purchasing the right variety. Low-quality silver will discolor your skin because not everyone can adjust with alloy mixed metal. However, with sterling silver, the alloy is within the permissible amount that does not discolor skin. Do not let all the huge variety of sterling silver jewelry at the sterling silver earring wholesale store make you forget to check the essential details. Sterling silver is extremely durable and can last you a lifetime if you take sufficient care. The wide variety of designs makes it impossible for you to get bored with them. Check out the latest designs from P& K Jewelry, Inc. today! Source: sterling-silver-in-wholesale-like-a-pro/