5 steps to the best sterling silver earrings n.
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5 Steps to the Best Sterling Silver Earrings Wholesale Deal PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Steps to the Best Sterling Silver Earrings Wholesale Deal

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5 Steps to the Best Sterling Silver Earrings Wholesale Deal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are looking to stock your jewelry shop with exciting items for the new season, it is time to consider a sterling silver earrings wholesale purchase.

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5 steps to the best sterling silver earrings

5 Steps to the Best Sterling Silver Earrings Wholesale Deal

If you are looking to stock your jewelry shop with exciting items for the new

season, it is time to consider a sterling silver earrings wholesale

purchase. While there are many types of jewelry in the market, sterling silver

has emerged as one of the most popular and for many reasons. As a retailer,

you should always stay abreast of emerging trends in the industry to retain

your customers and win over new ones. While diamond and gold still remain

the most preferred metals in earrings choice, the demand for sterling silver is

increasing and you should start looking for the best deals to stock your shop.

Shopping For Wholesale Sterling Silver Earrings

For the best ROI, you have to find a good wholesale deal for your sterling

silver earrings. This is not easy in a market flooded with scams and poor

quality products. To ensure you get a good deal without risking your

investment, consider the following:

1. Seek an established supplier: Don’t go for unknown suppliers and

instead, work with a recognized jewelry dealer who has a solid track

record in the industry. Such a dealer has a reputation to protect and

will only sell quality items.

2. Wide range of jewelry: Before making a purchase, take time to

assess the range of products available. A good dealer offers the largest

variety of sterling silver earrings and even other products. Look for

popular designs and trending styles which your customers will most

likely buy.

3. Seek referrals and recommendations: To find the best wholesale

deals on jewelry, it is advisable to talk to other dealers or go online and

find reviews and testimonials. Never agree on any deal before learning

more about a particular supplier.

4. Product guarantees: Look for a supplier who offers product

guarantees in case of damage during transit or any other complaints.

This ensures your customers only buy high quality jewelry and thus

protecting your investment.

5. Look for tailor-made packages: A good jewelry supplier should be

ready to negotiate and find the best terms for you. There is no one-fits-

all wholesale deal because every buyer has unique requirements.

bargain according to your budget in order

Bargain according to your budget in order to buy products at the best

prices. This will in turn guarantee higher ROI.

Why Invest in Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Before making a huge investment in your jewelry stock, you should get

insight on the material. Sterling silver also known as 925 silver is an alloy of

pure silver and copper. Silver in its original form is too soft and cannot serve

the purpose. Sterling silver is one of the most brilliant metals in jewelry

making and it is no wonder then that more consumers are seeing it as an

alternative to the more costly gold and diamond.

Other reasons to look for best bargains in sterling silver earrings include:

Multiple Designs Opportunities

From diamond cut hoops, huggie hoop earrings, silver ball hoops, studs, ear

cuffs, infinity earrings to interlocking weave dangle designs, there are so

many sterling silver styles to choose from. As a jewel store owner, this wide

variety makes it easier for your customers to find a piece that suits them.


Sterling silver is more affordable than other precious metals. Earrings made

from this metal still look dazzling and your customers will appreciate the

lower price.

Unmatched Brilliance

Sterling silver is the whitest metal and when used for earrings, the pieces will

look dashing and glamorous. The earrings in your collection will always draw

customers to your shop.


Sterling silver is a non-reactive metal which makes it safe for anyone to

wear. It doesn’t contain nickel which has been found to cause allergic

reactions and skin irritation. Silver in its original form is also a known as a

powerful antimicrobial agent and many people believe sterling silver pieces

boost energy levels.

Easy Maintenance

unlike other precious metals sterling silver

Unlike other precious metals, sterling silver is easy to maintain by filing and

polishing. Your earrings will always glamorous despite their age.

There are many other reasons to make an investment in sterling silver

jewelry; it is an easy way to revive interest in your collection as more people

are looking for affordable yet durable jewelry. You can also leverage the

influence of celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Paris Hilton and Jennifer

Aniston who have been spotted wearing sterling silver jewelry. This means

more people are now inclined to copy this trend and by stocking these

pieces, you will make your customers happy.

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