student org advisor workshop november 2013 n.
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Student Org Advisor Workshop November, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Student Org Advisor Workshop November, 2013

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Student Org Advisor Workshop November, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Org Advisor Workshop November, 2013. The Student Orgs Web Page: Big List of Orgs -- It expands when you click “view” -- It is up to date automatically

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The Student Orgs Web Page:


Big List of Orgs

-- It expands when you click “view”

-- It is up to date automatically

-- Good place for officers to check out progress

-- It’ll start “from scratch” in April as we begin re-registration


Student Org Tool Kit

-- Contains most of our FAQ type documents

-- Policies and procedures

-- Good place to land if trying to figure out how to do things



-- Dining Services Donation Request

-- A’Viands will match spending up to $100 -- more orgs should take advantage of this

-- Fundraising

-- All fund raisers need approval first —on or off-campus

-- OrgSmorg Table Signup/Registration

-- Registration for spring Orgsmorg will probably begin a week from this Friday ( on 11/22/13)



-- Pre-Contract Worksheet

-- All contracts should be signed by Grant Winslow

—not org leaders or advisors

-- Needs at least 4-6 weeks lead time

-- Verbal contracts are binding in Wisconsin

--so be careful!

-- Solicitation Approval Request

-- Any requests for donations must be approved in advance

-- Form should be sent in at least 4-6 weeks in advance



-- Travel Packet (newly positioned on-line)

-- Travel Authorizations

-- Motor Pool Forms

-- Driver Authorization Forms

Registration Instructions


Link to MyOrgs

-- For Officers and Advisors

-- A registration module that works!

Based on UWGB email addresses and passwords

-- Orgs should enter their community service now

-as the year goes along

-will have to submit Community Service in April

-- Member lists should be kept up to date too

-I can reflect it back to them upon request

(for setting up a distribution list)

-- Re-registration in April every year

- Try to get leadership transitioned before May - Orgs get off to a better start the next year

if there has been some training of

the new officers


Student Org Email Account (soaccounts)

Keeps individual student accounts from clogging up

Can use as a storage box for org info

—pointers, “how-to’s”, transition information, meeting minutes, org documents (bylaws or constitutions)If the password needs to be reset

-- call (465-2532) or email John (

Needs to be checked weekly

-- I send out an almost weekly email

You could always ask the students to give you the password too!

Larger Storage Needs?

A locker in a D2L module can be set up when requested

Accessed using soaccountusername

We also have locking lateral file drawers available


Web Pages

Space on a university server can be made available upon request

Students need to do their own web page creation

Virtually no support from CIT or Web Services for student orgs

SUFAC Budgets

/SUFAC Web Pages

Budgets for next year are due this Friday (11/15/13) by 11:59 pm to

Process: org leaders get called to present their requests to the SUFAC board

SUFAC board meets on Thursdays at 5:15 in the 1965 Room

Orgs notified by email to soaccounts about decisions by spring break

SUFAC forms are available at their web site:



I have an open door policy– you and/or students can drop in any time! You can always call too (465-2532).