ngati kea ngati tuara xmas hui n.
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Ngati Kea Ngati Tuara Xmas Hui

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Ngati Kea Ngati Tuara Xmas Hui. Xmas Update 11 Dec 2011. Runanga Update Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa Te Arawa River Iwi trust Marae Garden/Waahi Tapu Signage & Fencing Grants Committee Te Roopu Hauora O Te Arawa Te Papa Takaro O Te Arawa Advisory Board Representation Activity update

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xmas update 11 dec 2011
Xmas Update 11 Dec 2011
  • Runanga Update
  • Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa
  • Te Arawa River Iwi trust
  • Marae Garden/Waahi Tapu Signage & Fencing
  • Grants Committee
  • Te Roopu Hauora O Te Arawa
  • Te Papa Takaro O Te Arawa
  • Advisory Board Representation
  • Activity update
  • Contact details
runanga update
Runanga Update
  • Governance
    • Trustees are Eru George, Manahi Bray, Robyn Bargh, Peri Marks, Tawhiri Morehu, Mark Milroy, Eugene Berryman-Kamp, Mary Corbett
    • Atawhai Courtney – administrator, Bob Young – advisor
    • Office at Taharangi Marae – provided by the marae committee at no cost for the hapu
    • All info put onto Facebook and
investment committee
Investment Committee
  • Mark, Eru and Robyn work with Craigs Investment Partners
  • $1.1m invested, interest reinvested
  • Table shows Shares/Bonds purchased plus IAG Bond & split
te pumautanga o te arawa
Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa
  • Eru is our delegate and Chair of TPT
  • Te Arawa Group Holdings Shareholder Agreement signed Nov 2011
  • $34m investment company
  • Dividends expected end 2014, early 2015
  • Our equal share held until 2021
  • Mana Whenua Update (Eru/Robyn)
  • Te Arawa Tangata - TPTs Social Development Strategy – Eugene is on the governance board
te arawa river iwi trust
Te Arawa River Iwi Trust
  • NKNT, Ngati Tahu Ngati Whaoa and Tuhourangi Ngati Wahiao are the 3 Te Arawa River iwi– Eugene and Eru are trustees
  • 20 year timeframe – co manage the Waikato river clean up – we will focus on the upper half
  • TARIT contracted us build our capacity to participate and specific river projects
  • TARIT currently negotiating Joint Management Agreements with Waikato Regional Council, Taupo, South Waikato and Rotorua District councils
  • Accords with TPK, Commisioner of Lands, local government, Energy and Fisheries, Land Information NZ, Agriculture and Fisheries
te arawa river iwi trust1
Te Arawa River Iwi Trust
  • NKNT Funded Projects are;
    • Riparian Planting
      • NIWA Workshop in new year?
      • Contract to clear scrub and undertake planting
    • Riverbank erosion – current issue for us
    • Access Bridge over Pokaitu – too expensive!
    • Micro-Hydro Plant
      • Can generate as much as we use over a year, base of the waterfall will give a 4m fall, Pokaitu flows up to 1600l/sec downstream
    • Tuna and Koura Introduction
      • Lakes trust, Ian Kusabs, NIWA
      • Elvers are released into Lake Atiamuri, NIWA keen to do a baseline field survey and hapu workshop
    • History Wananga – 21/22 January 2012
        • Combine with river/Waahi tapu trip
    • Hui A Iwi – including this one
marae garden waahi tapu signage
Marae Garden / WaahiTapu Signage
  • Peri is leading this workstream
  • Working bee after xmas
  • Next to kohanga, site already blessed
  • Waahitapu sites selected by Eru/Bob, fencing contract available
grants comittee
Grants Comittee
  • Robyn and Mark lead this workstream
  • 7 education grants processed / 5 approved
  • Working to bring the fund from TePaiaka trust to the Runanga
te roopu hauora o te arawa
Te Roopu Hauora O Te Arawa
  • Lakes DHB Iwi Governance body
  • Mary is our trustee
  • Focus on providing health advocacy for iwi to Lakes DHB
  • Any health issues please take up with Mary
  • They are using our office for their monthly meetings at $250 per month
te papa takaro o te arawa
Te Papa Takaro O Te Arawa
  • Te Arawa Sports Authority
  • Peri is our trustee
  • Te Arawa Rangatahi Awards
  • Te Arawa Pride Iwi Challenge – NKNT teams participated – Basketball, Ki o Rahi, Netball etc
  • Won touch rugby and hunting competitions
  • Iwi challenge 23-25 March 2012 – (We need team members!)
  • Toiora challenge –health focus, mai Maketu, ki Tongariro, NKNT participants and Kearoa used as a venue
advisory board representation
Advisory Board Representation
  • Tawhiri on Te Pukenga Koeke o Te Arawa
  • Mary on Te Mana Matauranga (Waiariki Polytech)
  • Peri and Mary on the Museums advisory board
activity update
Activity Update
  • During 2011 we have;
    • Made submissions to RDC district plan and Rotorua Economic Development Strategy
    • Held a whakapapa/tikanga wananga at Kearoa
    • Held 2 AGMs
    • Hosted a renewable energy hui
    • Hosted the Toiora challenge
    • Established our office at Taharangi marae
    • Contracted with Lakes DHB, Rotorua District Counicl and Te Arawa River Iwi Trust
    • Held this xmas hui for 260 registered attendees
we need your contact details
  • The is a lot happening and it will only get bigger and faster
  • There are opportunities beginning to appear – work / knowledge / engagement / working parties with actual resources
  • Too much to update via hui and paper
  • Website / Facebook / e-newsletters / Email / Txt
  • Street Address / PO Box as a back up
  • So please, if you and your whanau are not registered with us, give us a contact number

Email Ph 07 343 7153 txt 027 543 7153, 28 Tarewa Rd, PO Box 716, Rotorua 3010