dr helmut fluhrer founder ceo brainmate gmbh brussels juni 2013 n.
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Dr. Helmut Fluhrer, Founder, CEO brainmate GmbH Brussels , Juni 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Dr. Helmut Fluhrer, Founder, CEO brainmate GmbH Brussels , Juni 2013

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Dr. Helmut Fluhrer, Founder, CEO brainmate GmbH Brussels , Juni 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr. Helmut Fluhrer, Founder, CEO brainmate GmbH Brussels , Juni 2013. LT-INNOVATIVE SUMMIT 2013 Towards the Multiligual Digital Single Market. „ Where would Europe stand today if not the monetary , but the language integration would have been firstly promoted ?“

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dr helmut fluhrer founder ceo brainmate gmbh brussels juni 2013

Dr. Helmut Fluhrer, Founder, CEO brainmate GmbHBrussels, Juni 2013


TowardstheMultiligual Digital Single Market


„Wherewould Europe stand todayif not themonetary, but thelanguageintegrationwouldhavebeenfirstlypromoted?“

Helmut Fluhrer toTheo Waigel, former German Minister forFinanceand „Mr. Euro“

LT-Innovate Summit Dr. Helmut Fluhrer June 2013


background media industry and ip
Background: Media, Industry and IP

Language Barriers everywhere: in Private TV, Media, Internet, Industry and IP

  • Publisher of Youth Magazine with 17 years
  • 1985 - Axel Springer Publishing: Newspapers and Magazines: starting globalization in 14 countries on three continents
  • 1985 Founding co-manager SAT 1, First German Private TV
  • 1990 Building Europe‘s Business Magazine Group „Eurexpansion“ with 25 companies and 40+ titles, supporting launch of „Kommersant“, Moscow
  • 1994-Burda Media: „Health Online Service“: First b-to-b Online Service, Expansion in Europe
  • 1998 – Internet Companies in Europe and USA: Media Professionals: Building the first “Cloud”
  • 2002 – Technology Transfer to Australia, United Arab Emirates, USA
  • 2011 – Intellectual Property Business
  • 2011 - Language Technologies
  • Member World Economic Forum, „Europe‘s 500“, Knight of St.John

Helmut Fluhrer

LT-Innovate Summit Dr. Helmut Fluhrer June 2013


brainmate tool to foresee the future


“brainmate”- Tool toForeseethe Future


The Key toknowWho will ProduceWhatandWhere in 5 Years on theGlobe


  • Companies in high fragmented markets have often no idea who is their competitor on a global scale: brainmate can evaluate LT companies and markets
  • For technology transfer, co-operation and strategic partnership there are many potential partners: difficult to find them


  • Intellectual Property / Patents /Know How is not only the „Raw Material“ of the Future, already today it became the most valuable data
  • Investors, entrepreneursorinventors: everyonewantssecurityforhisplans, moneyanddecisions; Evaluation forsecuring IP bythebest patent strategies
  • Core Business: M&A, Financing/ Sponsoring, bringingtherightpartnerstogetherforbuildingtheperfect solutions- incl.

LT-Innovate Summit Dr. Helmut Fluhrer June 2013


europe masterpiece of language barriers
Europe: Masterpiece of Language Barriers



There will be an European Integration onlywithmuchlessLanguage Barrieres


The 23 official languages have the same legal status, but only five languages dominate the communication

  • What impact does it has on the self-confidence of the people with the other 18 language ?
  • What happens to the 253 translation combinations ?


  • English is not the solution!
  • All big states and economic powers have only one official language: China, USA, Russia

Language Technologies have to provide help for better communication and integration!

LT-Innovate Summit Dr. Helmut Fluhrer June 2013


coverage of translators and interpreteurs
Coverage of Translators and Interpreteurs


Thereis a huge Lack of Human Translatorsif Europe wantstostaycompetitive


  • The European economies have very different support by own translators and interpreteurs
  • The Western World is facing a problem:

Europe USA/CA/AUS Total

Potential 75.000 80.000 155.000

Employed 41.000 22.000 63.000

Undercoverage 34.000 45% 58.000 72% 92.000 60%

Solution: The evolution of automatic translation has to speed up and include Speech-to-Speech!

LT-Innovate Summit Dr. Helmut Fluhrer June 2013


eu trying the best for language integration
EU: Trying the Best for Language Integration ?


Especially East European Countries havetobecome „European speaking“


The EU Institutions like Commission, Parliament, etc:

  • Budget of app € 2 Billion for Translation annually
  • Translators and interpreters are the biggest part of EU staff
  • Still not enough human help for (timely) processes in legislation, executive, cooperation, communication, exchange


  • EU research frameworks like „Horizon 2020“ have to focus more on LT: Role of LT innovate
  • National programs for education have to use another approach for easier learning: use digital devices!

LT-Innovate Summit Dr. Helmut Fluhrer June 2013


eu vs usa big data big trouble or big chance
EU vs USA: Big Data, Big Trouble or Big Chance?


The experienceofEurope‘s LT companiesisveryvaluable


The big US Players have little interest in the complex

multilingual European Market:

  • Too small individual markets
  • No knowledge about these languages
  • No sense for the culture behind these languages


It is the chance for European LT companies to create

products and services on an European scale.

This experience and know-how will open other

multilingual markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America

LT-Innovate Summit Dr. Helmut Fluhrer June 2013


language barriers vs eu integration
Language Barriers vs EU Integration


Most challenging: FindingJobs fortheworklessYouth of Southern Europe

  • Status:
  • There is a ticking bomb in Europe „which has no lobby“:
  • app. 53 million young people with no chance to get a job ever
  • There are 2,5 Million open jobs in Europe
  • The problem is often qualification, but more often the missing language for a job in another country
  • Solution:
  • New learning methods based on modern online services, sponsored by the EU, as „Enabler for Mobility“
  • One example: 75 Spanish young people for job education in Bavaria in 2013

Süddeutsche Zeitung


Sechs Milliarden Euro gegen 6 Millionen junge Arbeitslose in Europa: Mit ihrem „New Deal” gegen Jugendarbeitslosig-keitreagieren Deutschland und Frank-reich auf einen absoluten Notfall. Doch um einer ganzen Generation Arbeit und neue Hoffnung zu geben, braucht es einen kollektiven Willen.

LT-Innovate Summit Dr. Helmut Fluhrer June 2013


many tasks for eu s lt companies
Many Tasks for EU’s LT companies


Security s oneofthemostimportantAreas tofightLanguage Barriers


In all security sectors people have very often increasing

problems of language barriers:

  • Lack of communication increases unsecurity
  • No language knowledge on both sides creates



Individual training for all employees in public sector

by easy to use LT translation devices

LT-Innovate Summit Dr. Helmut Fluhrer June 2013


next generation of big lt buyers
Next Generation of Big LT Buyers


Information and Communication soon in newForms and Formats


  • New Input: new journalism
  • New Output: new media

E-Commerce: Language barriers stop business

Handicapted: No barriers- if physical or in languages

Corporation, from SMEs to global conglomerates:

  • Internal: Availability of all information in all languages
  • External: Exploring, conquering and securing new

markets for export


  • Inhouse / crossborder: fromexpert to public information

LT-Innovate Summit Dr. Helmut Fluhrer June 2013


eu s lt companies chance for global player
EU’s LT Companies: Chance for Global Player?


Itis not a Questionof Money only, itis a Strategic Fight vsFragmentation

Status: The Race for Talents and Profits:

„Invented in Europe, commercialized in the US“

  • The Big Players like Apple, Google, Microsoft built important parts of their products / services on European inventions – often paid by EU tax payers
  • They pay higher salaries and offer incentives
  • Research and Development address the needs of the potential user
  • Marketing and Sales catch the attention of mass user markets


  • How to create an economic successful „first mover advantage“ for European LT companies to become global players? Pooling assets and resources!

LT-Innovate Summit Dr. Helmut Fluhrer June 2013




For Further Information:

brainmate GmbH

Dr. Helmut Fluhrer

Founderand CEO