pamela zalubowski is an alumnus of carthage n.
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Pamela Zalubowski Is An Alumnus Of Carthage College PowerPoint Presentation
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Pamela Zalubowski Is An Alumnus Of Carthage College

Pamela Zalubowski Is An Alumnus Of Carthage College

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Pamela Zalubowski Is An Alumnus Of Carthage College

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  1. Pamela Zalubowski Is An Alumnus Of Carthage College

  2. Pamela Zalubowski is an efficient supervisor and project manager who has more than 13 years experience of working in a world class manufacturing environment. She specializes in lean manufacturing, value stream mapping, layered process audits, and project management. She is good in practical problem solving methodologies, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, SAP, and is Lead ISO 9001 Auditor certified. She is always appreciated by her employers for her excellent communication skills. She not only has intricate knowledge of production operations, but also has excellent negotiation skills. She has expertise in safety, quality, delivery, cost, and employee morale. She is always passionate about her work.

  3. Pamela Zalubowski is an alumnus of Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin. She graduated from the college in 1999 with 3.8 GPA. Carthage College is a private college, which was established in 1847. The college is affiliated with Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and is one of the most prestigious degree college in the area. Pamela received certification in Project Management from UWM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2006. After this certificate course, she enrolled in Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin for MBA, which she completed in 2008 with 3.8 GPA. With her qualifications and diverse experience, she is surely an asset for any organization. She is not only assertive, but also energetic, and resourceful.

  4. Currently, Pamela Zalubowski is working for Harley Davidson, a world class All American motorcycle company in Menomonee Falls, WI. She is a contract supervisor in machining and manages the XL and FL cylinder, oil pump, CAM Support Plates, and CAM Machining Department along with supporting production needs. She is currently supervising the Flywheel department and has experience in both aluminum and steel. Her job responsibilities include managing maintenance activities within the department; coordinating build schedule within department to support production needs; successfully leading team through CTR training; and performing cycle counts, RCII investigations, LPA's, safety audits, wellness checks and scheduling PM's. She coordinates overtime requirements, fulfills P & A and CKD requirements along with assisting in the head machining department when required. Besides being a professional, Pamela likes gardening and spends most of her free time taking care of her lawn. She is also fond of pets and has two dogs, a Jack Russell Terrier and A Papillion.

  5. Thank You Pamela Zalubowski